Friday 6 May 2016

Over 60.000 immigrants joined the Aurora Arcology

An update after the long silence. Due to the fast growth of the refugee population & the rising threat of the Drifters about a year ago, I had decided to dedicate myself to the management of the Aurora Arcology. This in turn also meant the stop of Aurora News publications.
For the time being, Aurora News won't make it's full return, mainly staying focused on updates on the Arcology project & occasionally bringing a different article, likely around the history of New Eden & capsuleers.

Over the silent year, the Aurora Arcology continued to accept new refugees. Thanks to the many capsuleers who continue to support us, the growth has been steady and more & more people have been given a new chance in life.

On top of this, we also received a large variety of artifacts for study and display. Gifts like these are an important part of maintaining the cultural link with home, but also to give an insight into different cultures, good & bad.
In order to give these relics the proper attention, the museum has been expanded, both the display section as its archaeological division.
The artifacts we received are varied: Minmatar statues, old Amarr texts, Talocan machinery, Takmahl art, mysterious devices of unknown civilizations and Capsuleer relics of important events.
Displaying these at the museum will go a long way to help people improve their understanding of the various civilizations & groups in New Eden across history & space and ultimately improve their understanding of cultures other then theirs.

Immigration numbers over the year:

Regular civilians:

- 8 Blood Raider Scientists (Part of the Redemption Program)
- 35 Captured Civilians
- 686 Civilians
- 5 Construction Workers
- 1.991 Homeless
- 6.508 Janitors
- 150 Manel's Servants
- 16 Oura Madusaari (Patients suffering the Oura M. Syndrome)
- 10 Port Rolette Residents
- 85 Prisoners (Part of the Prison Lend-Lease Program)
- 530 Refugees
- 52 Science Graduates
- 4 Stranded Pilots
- 9.985 Tourists
- 20.017 Freed Slaves (Datafile: Freeing slaves, the first step of many...)
- 29 Animal Medical Experts


- 19 Fedos (Datafile:A strange animal)
- 586 Hounds (Part of the Redemption Program)

Law Enforcement:

- 350 Amarr Light Marines
- 45 Caldari Light Marines
- 8.087 Freedom Fighters
- 20 Kameiras
- 6.919 Marines
- 1.642 Militants
- 669 Slavers
- 86 Temko Mercenaries
- 199 Bodyguards

Employees for the nightclub L'Etoile Rouge:

- 755 Female Exotic Dancers
- 2.552 Male Exotic Dancers
- 4 Female Little Helpers
- 3 Male Little Helpers

Council Members:

- 2 Amarr Diplomats
- 1 Dagan
- 1 Gallente Politician
- 2 Kardimo Palettan
- 5 VIPs
- 1 Scotty, the Docking manager

Once again, a big thanks to everyone who aided refugees & rescued civilians from danger. Also a big thanks for your trust in the Aurora Arcology project to aid these people. Thanks to you 1.5 million citizens have found a safe haven within the Arcology!