Saturday 28 February 2015

President Jacus Roden begins his second term

The Presidential inauguration ceremony would occur at the Senate headquarters, in the Villore system. As the day of the inauguration came closer, extreme security measures were taken, under a veil of secrecy. This is uncommon as usually the inauguration ceremony is a very public event, followed by media across New Eden.
But now, even the President arrived unannounced in his Federation issue Megathron under a heavy escort composed of Federation Navy ships & Directive Enforcement Department ships.

The reason for all the secrecy & security measures is the appearance of the unknown structures & the ships that accompany them, causing major criticism by the Gallente citizens towards the Roden administration regarding Federation security & the failure of the Tripwire warning system. As not much is known about these strange intruders, security remains in an all time high alert state to assure the safety of the President & the attendees.

At 28 Februari, the inauguration ceremony began, preparing President Jacus Roden to swear in his second term as president.
Under the watchful eye of the Senate, lead by Head Senator Andon Gardieu & watched by trillions in the Federation & beyond through the holovision broadcasts, President Jacus Roden officiated his second term as he repeated the traditional Oath.

Flanked by Black Eagle Director Mentas Blaque and Gilles Ranchel, Head of the Senate Domestic Security Council, President Jacus Roden places his right hand on a leather-bound copy of the Federation Constitution and repeated the oath spoken by Head Senator Andon Gardieu, officially marking his second term as President of the Gallente Federation!

The oath recites as follows:

“I, Jacus Roden, do solemnly swear before the Federal Senate and Federal Supreme Court, that I will faithfully and honorably execute the office of President of the Federated Union of Gallente Prime, and will, to the best of my ability, ensure that my actions in office protect, preserve and defend the values and principles of the people, as laid out in the Constitution of the Federated Union of Gallente Prime.”

Immediately after this, President Jacus Roden addressed the people through the media, thanking them for their support in the elections. After his speech, he was bombarded by questions by the journalists present, mainly regarding to the supposed threat of the Seekers and Drifters & their mysterious structures that appeared.
He responded that there's an investigation ongoing on how they could circumvent the Tripwire warning system & how dangerous they really are, but that as long as there's nothing known for certain, the Federation Navy remains in high alert in order to secure the Gallente Federation from any possible threats that might arise.

With the ceremony coming to an end, President Jacus Roden does offer stability to the Federation in these tumultuous times. It's expected that his policy regarding Federation matters will continue the upcoming years, allowing more solid interstellar politics & treaties to be formed. This will be a good thing with the mysterious arrivals of the Drifters who have everyone on alert!

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