Saturday 10 May 2014

Over 22.000 immigrants arriving at the Arcology Station!

Due to internal issues, the immigration report got delayed once more, causing such a high number to be listed, as immigration doesn't stop when you delay their approvals... they just grow in number... giving you even more work!

The internal issue mentioned is the tense situation between the Amarr & Minmatar district after a riot occurred aboard the Arcology station.
So far, the recruitment stop for Amarr & Minmatar militia, combined with increased Arcology patrols has been a great help in keeping things under control. No further noteworthy incidents have been reported.

Thanks to assistance received from capsuleers after calling on their expertise in the Galactic Summit board, several issues have been identified that helped to deteriorate the Minmatar/Amarr relations aboard.
Part of it has to do with outdated Arcology management methods. A personal approach that relies on trust works for a population of a few thousand at most. But for a population numbering in hundreds of thousands it just asks for problems & rampant corruption & nepotism.
Due to this, the Arcology council will see a revamp of their workings, and the different districts will now receive a more strict guideline on what they can spend their allowed budget on.
One of these stricter guidelines has already been implemented, namely a limit on security spending.
The Aurora Arcology Project is a State approved charity organisation, which means that it must turn a profit to be taken serious as a charity. Investing large amounts of funds into internal security hampers the ability to create a profit in a humane way.

Undoubtedly, this stricter method will see some protest, but in the end it is done for the best. A more controlled approach with stricter guidelines and a more transparent authority system will lead to a much more efficient council to manage a growing population.

In regards to the tense relations between Amarr & Minmatar aboard the Arcology, CEO J. Ymladris is running talks with several capsuleers & organisations in order to provide a suitable negotiator to smoothen out the issues.
Note, to take away all tension between Amarr & Minmatar is an impossible task due to the history of both and is not the purpose of the Aurora Project. The negotiator's goal is to reduce tensions and remove the misconception on both sides that the other is arming themselves for conflict and tries to provoke the other into action to be blamed.

Further measures are also taken, most of them are directed to modernize Arcology management to deal with larger populations and a more centralized authority to provide a clearer insight on who runs the place and that it is still run under State law.

Onward now to the immigration census report. Many capsuleers have assisted the Arcology this week, showing that even with our recent troubles, they keep their trust in our organisation.
Among the capsuleers that assisted are: Satyriasis Gabrielle & Arista Shahni,long time supporters; Vincent Carlyle, who rescued a large group of exotic dancers and their fedo pets from being entertainment fodder on capsuleer combat ships; Argangtang Mulldan, who rescued folks from pirate hideouts and the Amarr Traders, chief amongst them are Boom Boom Longtime and Mizhrir, guiding refugees trapped in Amarr space to our project.

This week census report contains a large variety of immigrants, as you'll notice below.

Regular Civilians

-4 Blood Raider Scientists (Part of the Redemption Program)
-1.200 Civilians
-441 Homeless
-1.104 Janitors
-1 Port Rolette Resident
-12 Prisoners (Datafile: First large wave of Colonists arrive at Ayem!)
-40 Refugees
-11 Science Graduates
-10 Ship's Crew
-60 Stranded Pilots
-15.205 Tourists
-555 Freed Slaves


-71 Fedos (Datafile:A strange animal)
- 1 Miniature Hound
-76 Slaver Hounds

Law Enforcement

-20 Caldari Light Marines
-5 Army recruits
-940 Marines
-780 Militants
-56 Slavers (Part of the Redemption Program)
-2 Spies

Employees for the Nightclub L'Etoile Rouge

-786 Female Exotic Dancers
-762 Male Exotic Dancers
-2 Prostitutes


-1 Fajah Ateshi
-2 Gallente Reporters
-3 Minmatar Emissaries
-15 Oura Madusaari (Patient suffering the Oura M. Syndrome)
-1 Tantima Areki
-1 VIP

Not allowed entry due to recruitment stop policy for Amarr & Minmatar districts until month expires.

-50 Amarr Light Marines
-212 Kameiras
-1535 Freedom Fighters

These Amarr & Minmatar security forces are temporary housed in the old hub station that was used prior to the Arcology moving to it's current homestation. This housing will last till the recruitment stop policy expires, which should be by the start of next month.

Also, the Arcology Council has expanded substantially, a direct result of the reform that is occurring. To better operate, the council needed a larger administrator force, allowing for a more efficient working and the ability to control and approve the different budgets for each district and division. This should improve the financial side and put a stop on malign uses of unchecked budgets, thus freeing up isk that would have slipped in someones pocket otherwise.

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