Sunday 4 May 2014

Dispute escalates into riot! Aurora Council fails to defuse the Amarr/Minmatar tensions!

Riot in the fringe of the Minmatar district!

Earlier this week at the Arcology Station, a dispute between a Minmatar shopkeeper and Amarr customer escalated into a riot!
After the Amarr customer was thrown out, he gathered his friends and raided the store, claiming the shopkeeper was demeaning to him and insulted his Faith. This in turn caused the Minmatar Militia to act, to safeguard the Minmatar district from these rioters.
But this only escalated the riot as Kameiras appeared to defend the Amarr rioters.

Just as the situationed was about to explode, Arcology Riot Teams appeared to subdue the rioters by non-lethal means.
Currently the situation is in control by the Arcology Law Enforcement troops, but only barely. Tension between the Amarr and Minmatar district are at an all time high, the smallest spark could initiate a full scale riot.

Due to this situation, the Arcology Council has taken a few short-time measures:

-A full recruit stop for the Amarr & Minmatar Militia.
 The reason is that these two factions already boast the largest self-serving militia forces of all districts. Any further buildup would be seen as an armaments race at this moment.

-A Show of Force to remind all that they are still in State space.
The Arcology Law Enforcement team has been tasked to increase patrols in both districts, and to include elite forces in these patrols. This is to remind all involved that the Aurora Arcology is ultimately meant to be a safe place for all. Not a place to give in to historical disputes and prejudices.
The MTAC Unit will also visibly be present, to remind all that they are still on State Territory and have to comply to State Laws.

-Seeking outside assistance for lowering tensions
In an effort to smoothen tensions to acceptable levels, outside advice is asked to help find ways to defuse the situation. Hopefully more level-headed people will be able to offer help or advice to assist the Arcology Project in continuing their efforts to offer a place of refuge for all in need.

It is the hope of the Council and the Aurora Arcology CEO that a more long term solution can be found to prevent another riot from occurring.

Background to the rising tensions

Ever since the Amarr delegation supported the PIE Kameira Program, tensions have been on the rise between the Minmatar and Amarr Districts aboard the Arcology Station. The subsequent arrival of a Tash Murkon Representative who approved the stationing of a large squadron of Kameiras only made things worse...

More can be read in these reports:
Over 12.000 immigrants arrive this week at the Arcology Station!
This reports about the support to the PIE Kameira Program and the arrival of the Tash Murkon Representative to inspect our facilities as a result.
-Over 11.000 Refugees join the Arcology
At the end of the report, it mentions the result of the inspection by the Tash Murkon representative, approving the arrival of a large group of Kameiras. This decision caused the situation to spiral out of control as the Minmatar saw it as a military buildup, causing them to recruit Freedom Fighters in large numbers.
It was mentioned the Council would meet to find a solution before the situation escalates, but sadly, it was too late...

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