Sunday 20 July 2014

Bombing in Rens, Gradient Capsuleers wounded!

As you can read in this announcement: News: Rens Security Incident/Bombing, an explosion inside the Brutor Tribe Treasury Station in the Rens system injured two capsuleers.
While not much information has been shared, the Gradient CEO did release an official statement concerning this attack: CEO Challis Drant Statement

The two victims were member of Gradient, a capsuleer organisation that is loyal to the Republic. One of the two capsuleers is gravely wounded and at this time is unable to perform a clonejump without putting her mind at risk! Medical personnel is doing anything they can within their power to stabilize the lifesigns of this capsuleer.
Recently, Shaman Kyllsa Siikanen unveiled the names of the wounded Gradient capsuleers. Ava Starfire escaped any serious injury and her situation is stable. Expectations are that she'll be able to leave the hospital later today! Undoubtedly, due to her fame, this will send a ripple through the capsuleer community as she is a well known combat-pilot for the Minmatar cause.
Sammi Oskonnur is the second victim, and here the news is much more bleak as she is the one who suffered critical injuries, preventing a safe clonejump for an emergency recovery. Currently, surgeons are doing all they can to stabilize her lifesigns for continued treatment.

While it is believed that this is an isolated incident, targeting these unfortunate people, capsuleers are nonetheless asked to take precautions until more details are known. Do note that security stressed that public venues are safe as they always have been, as this was an attack aimed at specific individuals.

As of yet, there has been no release of possible suspects, however the fact they could manage to access a capsuleer quarter will surely help in tracking down possible culprits as these tend to be closely monitored, mainly due to the questionable lifestyle of quite some capsuleers.

Currently the Brutor Tribe, owner of the Rens Treasury station, and Gradient are working together to investigate this brutal attack. Gradient takes this matter seriously, as an attack on their members is seen as an attack on their corporation, and hence an act of war!
For now, the official authorities refrain from releasing more info due to the sensitive nature of the ongoing investigation.

Anyone who has any information related to this incident are requested to contact Gradient or Brutor authorities to assist them in their investigations!
Do note that the alarming nature of this attack is not that capsuleers were targetted, but the fact they were attacked in their private quarters, about the only place where capsuleers can sustain permanent damage, possibly leading to death in certain cases!

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