Friday 4 July 2014

Federation hands over historical Caldari capital to the State

As of this month, the city of Arcurio, historical capital city of the Caldari people, is now returned to the State under Ishukone's administration! The official announcement can be found here: Ishukone Accepts Formal Handover Of Arcurio.
The official ceremony to hand over the city from Material Acquisitions, a subsidiary company of the Federation megacorporation Quafe, to Ishukone, one of the ruling 8 megacorporations of the State, took place in front of the "Operation: Highlander" memorial, to symbolize the significant sacrifice made by both sides to make this deal go through.

With this, the State has regained an important part of their cultural heritage. This move will also serve as a stepping stone to build a lasting peace with the Federation, as was reported here: Caldari Prime, the road to peace.
After all, one of the major issues in the Federation-State conflict was the occupation of the Caldari homeworld by the Federation. While alot of issues still remain, like the whole 'democratic' voting business of the Federation being unacceptable to the State, it is a good step forward that Caldari Prime is no longer a major driving force in this conflict.

To maintain security, Mordu's Legion has been contracted to keep the peace, both in orbit as planetside. There has been some unrest in the outlying districts shortly after the handover, but there have been no reports of injured and neither of property damage.
This can be attributed to the efficiency of Mordu's Legion security, but also that the unrest by small groups didn't carry the support of the larger population.

Greater surroundings of Arcurio, showing the Shiigeru Crashsite

While Arcurio is now under Ishukone's control, it's still not yet clear what the Federation got in return. While no obvious State assets can be traded away, Ishukone still has alot to offer, being one of the most advanced organisations in the Eden cluster.
It is suspected that part of the price to reclaim Arcurio for the State is the take-over of the cleaning & salvaging costs of the Shiigeru crash site, which lies very close to the city.

May our ancestors smile upon us for reclaiming Arcurio to the State, our old capital city once more under Caldari rule!

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