Tuesday 23 September 2014

New Eden Capsuleer writing contest! Deadline 15 October!

Lady Lunarisse Aspenstar announced a writing contest for capsuleers. The writing contest aims for a wide range of participants. What you send in may be a story, a poem or an article. It may be fiction or non-fiction. No minimum length either!
 So let your creativity speak, pen down that story or poetry you always wanted to write and send it to  Lunarisse Aspenstar by mail to join the contest! You can find the announcement here: New Eden Capsuleer Writing Contest

The only rules that have to be followed are this:
-Maximum 30.000 words
-It must be sent in before 15 october. (Deadline! entries after this date are no longer considered)
-Submissions must be sent to Lady Lunarisse Aspenstar. (Contact: Lunarisse Aspenstar) If your submission exceeds Galnet mail limit, contact Lady Aspenstar to inform her of this, a possible alternate place for publication is the Fiction Board. I do stress, if you want your publication considered for this contest; MAIL Lunarisse Aspenstar!

Thanks to a variety of sponsors, the prizes & benefits of this writing contest are many. Due to this, there's a large list of winning prizes! Up to 15 contestants can win a prize for their winning entry!

The sponsors so far for this event are:
-Norris Ellis, CEO of the Venture Racing Team and a Manager of Eve Online Hold'Em
-Ishuk-Raata Enforcement Directive, a major player in Capsuleer State matters with strong ties to the State Megacorporation Ishukone
-Custom Clothing Productions, a rising star in the fashion business

Winning Prize list
First prize is 600,000,000 isk
Second prize is 325,000,000 isk
Third prize is 150,000,000 isk
Fourth prize is 50,000,000
Fifth through Tenth prizes will be 20,000,000 isk.*
Eleventh through Fifteenth Prizes will be 1,000,000 isk.*
*If the quality of the entries does not merit the number of prizes, then prizes will be given up to the number deemed meritorious.

But you can win more than just isk! All winning entries will be featured in The New Eden Times/Life, published by Lady Evelyn Meiyi, making sure your writing gets the spotlight it deserves.

On top of this, the top 3 winners have the opportunity to give a reading at the Raven Poetry House in the Nahyeen system. For long entries, the reading will focus on the parts you or the readers found the most beautiful.

The highest winning female capsuleer will receive a full ensemble, consisting of a black top, black pants, black tights, shoes & accompanying tattoos. The exclusive "Women's 'Avenue' shirt (Black)" cannot be bought through the capsuleer fashion store! This prize is a donation from Custom Clothing Productions.

A bonus prize is also there, for those entries who amused or entertained Lady Lunarisse Aspenstar the most, as this person gets treated to a dinner with the Lady.

So for all those who enjoy writing, go ahead & participate! For more details & questions just follow this link: New Eden Capsuleer Writing Contest
Update: The winning contestants have been announced, read 'The Golden Masque Wine tasting & Writing contest' article to check out who won!

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