Monday 22 September 2014

Aurora Arcology welcomes over 12.000 refugees this week!

This week has been a wild ride for the Aurora News division. Due to various circumstances, a few of our stances & rules on publication & participation were bent or lifted! The mad capsuleer Nauplius has been directly and indirectly been responsible for most of these infractions.

Generally, Aurora News avoids running publications on mad capsuleers, as it is believed that giving them attention in the press only furthers their madness...
Capsuleer Nauplius forced us to revision this rule, as he kept on stepping into the light with his announcements on sacrificing slaves for the 'Red God'. He went further than most mad capsuleers, as he followed up on his words and sacrificed ships & build stations to further his belief.
The construction of his second Blood Temple showed he was serious about what he preached. The subsequent rally among capsuleers to defy Nauplius and take down his Blood Temple merited news-coverage.

As I joined the rally against Nauplius' Blood Temple, I could not just sit by idly & observe while others risked their ships for a good cause. Due to the nature & scale of Nauplius' atrocities against slaves, the non-aggression stance usually adopted by Aurora News was lifted, as inaction would give the wrong signal in this particular action.
The full report on the Blood Temple attack can be read here: Blood Raider Temple taken down!

On top of all this, the Aurora Arcology Project took in recently rescued slaves, a change of the usual policy concerning slaves.
Normally, all slaves that are sent to the Arcology are redirected to either their legal owner, or sent to various projects specialized in assisting recently freed or rescued slaves.
Note: Legal owners are Holders or higher ranking officials who are registrered as such in the Amarr Empire, Ammatar space or Khanid Kingdom.
Among the various supporters that we usually sent rescued slaves towards are the Disciples of Ston, who have an impressive track record in helping slaves.

An exception has been made for a group of rescued slaves as they had expressed their desire to find shelter within the Aurora Arcology Project. As these slaves were rescued from a Nauplius' slave transport, the decision to take them in was simplified. The reason being that such people would need extended counselling & long duration treatment to be able to cope with everyday life again. Our previous work with traumatized refugees has given us the expertise to assist these people well.
To guide these rescued slaves into a life of being free people again, we also recruited experienced advisers among the freed slaves, as they know best how life shifts from being property of a master to being a master of your own life.
You can read about these rescued slaves here: Rescued slaves given the chance for a better life!

One last stance that was bent was the one on publishing unfounded information. Under normal circumstances, I make sure that whatever is publicated on Aurora News has a solid foundation based in information & fact.
However the recent leaking of a Republic RSS intel document forced us to call in an exception. The reason for this was that public attention for it has been low, despite that the leak might hint at upcoming troubles related to the Minmatar Republic. To increase public awareness, Aurora News decided to run an article on this leaked document cover despite the lack of information connected to it..
You can read all about it here: Classified Republic Security Services Document surfaced, contents unknown

All these bending of rules & stances did make certain capsuleers call out our journalistic integrity. Lucky most capsuleers understood why we did this & defended us from these accusations. For this, you all have my profound thanks!
It did launch a discussion on what is proper journalistic integrity, a discussion you can join here: Press Ethics - what is acceptable?

Now that this has been covered, onwards to the census report! Many rescuees & refugees have found a new & safe home in the Arcology this week. For this we thank the capsuleers Khaprice, Hoshi Karasawa, Solomon & others!

Regular Civilians

-3 Blood Raider Scientists (Part of the Redemption Program)
-11 Caldari prisoners of War
-100 Homeless
-1.254 Janitors
-445 Prisoners (Part of the Prison Lend-Lease Program)
-1.214 Rescued Slaves (Datafile: Rescued slaves given the chance for a better life!)
-24 Stranded Pilots
-1.568 Tourists
-5.496 Freed Slaves (Datafile: Freeing slaves, the first step of many...)


-7 Fedos (Datafile:A strange animal)
-2 Miniature Hounds
-67 Hounds

Law Enforcement

-1 Amarr Forensic Investigative Team
-50 Amarr Light Marines
-134 Freedom Fighters
-1.265 Marines
-947 Militants
-66 Slavers (Part of the Redemption Program)

Employees for the Nightclub L'Etoile Rouge

-121 Female Exotic Dancers
-319 Male Exotic Dancers


-1 Dagan
-1 Fajah Ateshi
-2 Jark Makon
-2 Oura Madusaari (Patients suffering the Oura M. Syndrome)
-4 VIPs

Recently, Aurora Arcology realized that the allotted space for the project is once more insufficient for a growing future. To correct this, negotiations have begun with Caldari Provisions to rent additional parts of their Irjunen station, so we can keep expanding & providing quality assistance & guidance for all refugees & a bright future in their new lives!

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