Sunday 5 January 2014

Celebrating the deployment of I-RED's newest flagship


Some background on I-RED for our readers. I-RED is short for Ishuk-Raata Enforcement Directive and they are a capsuleer led alliance that supports the Caldari State in fringe regions. They do this by various programs and operations, the most visible is their anti-pirate program they run in order to secure regions for loyal citizens.
I-RED policy is influenced by the Ishukone Megacorporation, considered to be one of the more humane Megacorps in the State as seen by the treatment of their main workforce and acting policies (as shown here: Ishukone relief Convoy arrives safely).
More info on them can be found here: Ishuk-Raata Enforcement Directive Datafile

It is important to note that only friends of I-RED and friends of the Caldari State at large were invited to this event. As supporter of the State, I was granted an invite to this event after expressing my interest to attend.

The start of the event, a last check

The celebration of I-RED's new flagship was held at the Ishukone headquarters in the Malkalen system.
On approach, you can still see the damage the Station sustained during the Malkalen disaster, as a lasting testimony that the State should always be vigilant to outsiders. Once docked, nothing reminds of this incident however, showing the outside damage is now a facade, a lesson to be remembered.

Once arrived, everyone had to pass a formal security check, a valid precaution concerning the nature of capsuleers. Among the crowd in the arrival lobby, I was pleased to see many familiar faces, allowing for some small chats to shorten the waittime.
When the security check came out clear, Katrina Oniseki and Makoto Priano continued to assign the attendees their seats. The primary friends & supporters of I-RED were given priority, as it should be. Rapidly the other guests were assigned and lead to the Greatroom as well.

Speeches & Signings and a good time.

As people gathered and exchanged greetings at the Greatroom while seeking out their seats, there was time to marvel at the majestic noseplate of I-RED's newest flagship, the Leviathan IRV Gariushi-Oriki.
Footage of a Leviathan class Titan (Not the IRV Gariushi-Oriki, due to security protocols)

This noseplate was brought in to celebrate the ship's inauguration, because unveiling the ship itself to the audience would both be impractical and unwise. Too many enemies would jump on the opportunity to destroy such majestic ship.
Nearby were provided special engraving pens, to allow the guests to engrave their name or a special message into the noseplate, making them part of the Leviathan in a way. A very nice touch to this formal event, and a creative way to celebrate the inauguration of their newest flagship.

Once all were seated in the Greatroom, Katrina Oniseki called attention to the stage, for several people were invited to speak about I-RED, their friends, the newest flagship, and future plans.

The first speaker was John Revenant, a man who I admire much, a true hero. His speech was short but nice,telling a tale of travelling far, and to learn, to help and teach, and that's in that spirit the I-RED flagship IRV Gariushi-Oriki is constructed.

The next speaker was Bosquit, I-RED's FleetCommander who held a fiery and rousing speech against piracy and anarchy in Syndicate and her desire to bring peace & order to this place.
her fiery speech did earn her a loud applause from the crowd.

Up next was Makoto Priano, head of security for the event who invited selected honored guests to the stage for toasting at the deployment of the titan IRV Gariushi-Oriki. This caused a bit of chaos by people getting drinks to the bar in a hurry, but it was quickly resolved. The first toast was given by Sakaane Eionell, member of the Intaki Prosperity Initiative, who toasted that the brand new Leviathan may bring peace & order wherever it's deployed.
After her, several people were called on stage to bring out a toast themselves, among these was Demion Samenel, representative of 4TH District and Aldrith Shutaq, Amarr poet, whose mastery of words was displayed on stage.

Once the toasting was over, people were free to socialize and go to the bar and buffet to enjoy the celebration in freedom. During this, there was also ample time to put your personal engravings to the Leviathan's noseplate, an opportunity many took to put their personal message on it, with well intent.
Only one minor incident occurred during the celebration, and was by I-RED's own personnel. An apparently drunk capsuleer abused the privilege to engrave the noseplate by drawing an inappropriate picture. However thanks to Katrina Oniseki's quick reactions and the efficient security it was quickly dealt with and would remain the only incident.
A great achievement, considering the amount of capsuleers present. It's a testament to I-RED's efficient security.
For the rest of the evening, it was a great time for many to socialize with old friends and new acquaintances about recent and distant happenings. During this time, I took the opportunity to engrave a personal message of my own on the noseplate. Not often you can do it, so have to use the chance when you get it.
All in all, the celebration of I-RED's newest flagship was a rousing success. May this success endure in it's deployments

Examples of engravings by various individuals

Quite some signed the noseplate with their names, but some left beautiful words, or witty remarks, and here's some examples:

A couplet by Scherezad "The wooden walls of ancient halls our ancestors now tend // and metal hulls of starbound gulls their memories defend."

Treya Leral wrote "May this vessel inspire the same respect in your foes it does in your friends."

Jared Haywire's engraving "Remember, it's bridge not jump" is a callback to one of the largest battles the Eden cluster has seen, caused by a capsuleer giving the wrong command.

Another engraving showed a large X with the words "Aim Here" engraved next to them, a display of Pieter Tuulinen's wit.

As for my engraving, it reads: "May this ship carry the Glory of the State to all those who deserve its protection"

There were many more, but this is to show the variety of engravings people put on the noseplate, it did make for some great reading later in the evening.
A thanks to I-RED for organizing a succesful formal event in Caldari fashion.

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