Friday 3 January 2014

Looking back at the YC 115 newsreports and the founding of the Aurora News Network

About 4 months ago, a newsagency was founded to provide the supporters of the Aurora Arcology Project with news, in order to provide them with information on what happened at the Arcology and to give more insight on how it all worked.
This startup was inspired by the Mercenary information blog run by Denak Kalamari. Initially the newsreports were just that, informing our supporters with how the arcology was run, and the regular immigration reports on new refugees joining. The original name reflected this small scope, as it was called Aurora Arcology News, putting the focus on local news.

Quickly, additional newsreports were added, detailing how some refugees were rescued from their situation. Looking back at them, it can be said that these were the first step to a broader news agency. These rescue reports were the first to bring in a new & larger audience, albeit it remained to serve a niche audience, namely those who had interest in our project and good works in general.

This changed when the News agency was asked to report on the Elokur Trial as neutral third party. It was the first large boost of our readership, eclipsing all previous newsviews. From that moment onward, our newsfocus shifted from local Arcology news to a broader news agency, with a focus on various happenings in the Eden cluster.
To reflect this new course, a change in name was adopted and from now on it would be called Aurora News Network (ANN), reflecting a much broader scope of newsreports.

The subsequent successes of further newsfeeds showed this was the right path to take. Among the reasons of the growing audience was Commander A9 who promoted our Event Newsfeeds to a large audience, booming our readership for these reports.

All of this also had effect on the Aurora Arcology project itself. With the increased publicity generated from the newsreports, alot more people have been assisting us in rescuing & housing refugees. The immigration reports reflect this increase of refugees finding their way to the Arcology project. From about 9000 in our first immigration report to a stunning 118.000 refugees in our last immigration report for YC115!

But what were our most read newsreports in YC115? Which ones were our biggest hits? And why? We'll answer this in our Top 5 YC115 Newsfeed list!

Top 5 Aurora Newsfeeds of YC115

5) Outcome of  the Colony Survey Report

This one's a special case. It's one of the few Arcology focused projects that has drawn in a large readership. This newsreport and those associated with the Colonisation project draw alot of attention. This shows that even in this time and age, colonizing a new world still appeals to people.

4) Capsuleers fail to organize a gank on Concord

Among the first newsfeeds to inform about events outside the Arcology project, this one became a large success, and provided a stepping stone in attracting a new audience outside the Arcology interests. This newsfeed reported on the clash between Capsuleer Anarchists and Concord, the result was very onesided in favor for Concord. Shows people love reading about the misfortune of others. This was also among the first newsreports created on request.

3) The Luminaire Holiday Festival was a great success!

Attended by many, and read by many, this newsfeed gave a glimpse on the holiday cheer capsuleers indulged in. Many shared this newsfeed to others, showing there's more to the Eden cluster and its capsuleers then just destruction & mayhem. This was also the first report to include direct image feeds to enhance the newsarticle and make it more attractive to read.

2) The fedo, a strange animal

This newsfeed is a fine example of being at the right place at the right time. Published as a new concept, to provide readers with background knowledge on less known subjects in Eden, this newsreport quickly rose to the top in days!
The success of this newsfeed can be explained by the recent Fedo popularity increase among capsuleers. As more and more capsuleers wanted a Fedo pet of their own, they quickly stumbled on a lack of information about these curious creatures.
As they found this newsfeed, it spread like wildfire among the Fedo Pet community as the article provided the information they were after and included links to other information sources!

1) Capsuleers respond en masse to the Call for arms, the Navies fail to assist!

Obviously most readers of our newsfeed know this one. It put ANN on the charts as reliable newsfeed. The massive chaos from this event resulted in very few information being published about it outside complains pointed at Concord and the Navies. As we managed to be among the first to compile a reliable report on the events, people flocked to us to read about it & point out errors, allowing us to correct these. Add to it that other newsagencies mainly kept their focus on the complains, and it's easy to see why this newsreport was such a success, as it focused on the event itself.
To this day this newsfeed remains the one with the largest readership, outdoing the previous 4 combined by far.

A thanks to all readers & supporters

I wish to thank all those who made the Aurora News Network such a succes. The sharing of stories, pointing out future events, assisting refugees with a new start at the Arcology project, even reading the various reports all help.
When I started this Newsfeed in the summer, I never imagined it would become so large in scope. What started as a small informationfeed about the Aurora Arcology Project has transformed into a Newsfeed blog reporting about major events in the cluster and providing filler info inbetween by publishing items about the Arcology Project and other fluff.
Also a major thanks to all who helped refugees get a new start in life by sending them to the Aurora Arcology Project.

May YC116 be a good year for all of us!

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