Thursday 23 January 2014

Workings of the Aurora Arcology: Internal security divisions

This feed aims to highlight the variety of law enforcement units working at the Arcology. The diversity arose as a result of many groups wanting their own people to watch over them. This was further enhanced by the existing conflicts between factions, causing distrust & unrest if members of an opposing faction were policing them.

Here's an overview of all the various Law Enforcement groups aboard the Arcology and the tasks they're usually assigned for.

Aurora Arcology General Law Enforcement
This is the main core of the Law Enforcement divisions. Almost all people working in law enforcement at the Arcology can be found in the two main subdivisions.
This is the main Police force, they maintain the internal order at the Arcology and investigate crimes when they happen.
They are composed of members of all 4 factions, assuring the Arcology Security Management to have suitable people at hand if situations grow tense between two different factions. This is mainly an issue between Gallente/Caldari groups and Amarr/Minmatar groups.
These guys ward the Aurora Arcology from outside threats. Pirate raids, rogue Mercs, sabotage, they are trained & armed to deal with these threats. So far, they haven't seen much action yet, hopefully it'll remain this way for a long time.
As with the Militants, the Marines come from all different backgrounds, but are united in their will to protect the Arcology from harm. The mixed background also helps the civilians to see the marines as *their army/security* that is not tied to a certain faction.

The Hooded Men

Originally started as an Minmatar security force, they now embody the spirit of the Aurora Project as they recruit members of any faction as long as they are willing to put aside their nationalistic ideas for the greater good of all.
These recruits are trained elite forces, sent in to deal with delicate & sensitive situations. Their mixed membership, combined with their training assures such situations are dealt with appropriatly, without accusations of bias or racism.
Caldari Security
Of the Four factions, the Caldari have the most diverse security divisions aboard the Aurora Arcology. This can be traced back to the Megacorps who all have their own private securityforce. Many caldari feel great loyalty towards certain megacorps, distrusting others. The result of this is that there's various small securitygroups present, protecting those who are still loyal to certain megacorps. Most of these securitygroups are private firms, but a few are Arcology run initiatives.
Main Caldari Securityforce aboard the Arcology, they are unaligned to any megacorp, and are usually deployed during internal strifes between caldari groups to maintain order.
They also keep order in the majority of the Caldari sections.
Elite trained personnel, specialized in planetside operations. These have been recruited with the Ayem Colony Project in mind. Once this project has launched, they will assure the safety of the colonists and train the local security forces.
Elite law enforcement personnel. When all else has failed, these guys are called in. They are well trained veterans, experienced in combatting crime & maintaining order.
Rightfully feared by anyone who harbors criminal intent as the CPF Personnel is ruthlessly efficient. While their methods can be questionable at times, the results show it works.
Gallente Security
The Gallente are the smallest faction aboard the Aurora Arcology and thereby feel alot of pressure from both the Caldari & Amarr groups, and recently, even certain Minmatar groups have been less than pleasant in their dealings with the Gallente population aboard the Arcology. The Arcology Militants did their best to provide security, but in the end, it was felt only a Gallente-specific law enforcement unit would suffice to make them feel safe.
Of the four main factions aboard the Arcology, it's easy to see why the Gallente were the first to requisition a faction-specific Law Enforcement division.
Oldest faction specific law enforcement aboard the Aurora Arcology. Originally they were hired Gallente security personnel, but nowadays, they're all recruited from within the Gallente faction, helping them feel more secure and treated justly by the law enforcement groups.
Amarr Security
Most amarr aboard the Arcology don't fit within the stereotype of slave-owning holders or nobles as almost all of them come from more humble backgrounds. As a result, many feel unjustly judged by the stereotypes people have of the Amarr.
This was the main reason of the Amarr faction to legislate their own security forces, as they felt most non-Amarr security personnel were biased against them.
Mainstay of the Amarr specific law enforcement division. they usually assist the Aurora Militants in dealing with various Amarr-specific issues to prevent incidents from escalating or cause unintended harm/insults.
They are also tasked with maintaining order within the Amarr section.
These are a special case of security personnel within the Arcology and highly controversial. Trained from childbirth to become warriors for the Amarr Empire, these individuals are extremely efficient at any security task appointed to them.
Aboard the Aurora Arcology project, they must be registrered and are only allowed to perform bodyguard security for authorized Arcology Citizens. These are generally high ranking individuals and religious figures among the Amarr faction aboard the Arcology. Most of these Kameiras answer to the Amarr scientist Fajah Ateshi as they are her personal bodyguard that she brought along.
Note: Kameiras always come from outside the Arcology, recruiting Kameiras is for obvious reasons illegal!

Riot Interdiction Team

These are the redeemed slavers who succesfully rounded their Redemption program. They are deployed during times of unrest & riots, in order to quickly subdue them, in order to prevent casualties. Their unique skills, gathered as slaver, allows them to rapidly identify leader-figures and remove them from the group by usage of non-lethal weapons & methods, rapidly quelling the unrest.
Minmatar Security

Originally, most Minmatar were content with the general security provided by the Aurora Arcology. This however changed with events occurring over the years. As their call for an own identity called louder & louder, so did their call for a Minmatar-specific security force.
Originally, they formed rather spontaneously. Small groups of Minmatar organized themselves in their own civil guards. Over time their numbers & groups grew, requiring more cohesion & organisation. From this, the Freedom Fighters Security division was formed. While the least equipped of all security divisions, they are among the most numerous, working with large numbers of volunteers from the Minmatar population aboard the Arcology.
Despite their lack of equipment compared to other security divisions, they do perform an excellent job in maintaining peace and combat crime in the Minmatar section of the Aurora Arcology Project.
While the large number of different security divisions tends to complicate things, they are also a great boon in maintaining peace between the four main factions aboard the Arcology, as it avoids the perception of 'faction bias' The faction-specific security also helps in understanding certain racial issues better and the handling of them.
The faction-specific security personnel also helps in making people feel more secure and also in feeling welcomed.
Never forget that many of the people aboard the Arcology have been refugees & rescuees, so their trust in foreign security is not very high. Faction specific security, recruited from people who live among them helps these people to regain trust in law enforcement units.

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