Sunday 27 April 2014

First large wave of Colonists arrive at Ayem!

Thanks to the support of 4TH District & Providence residents, the Ayem colony is ready to receive it's first large wave of colonist.
As reported in "Ayem Colony Expansion Progress", the speedy delivery of large amounts of supplies allowed the development of infrastructure at an accelerated pace. Due to this, the first section of the colony is ready for large scale habitation.
The focus of this part of the colony is to reinforce the local industries & agriculture, to be able to build up a stock of supplies & sustain a much larger population in the near future.

With assistance from capsuleer Savastan & 4th District member Cyrillian Voth, over 20.000 civilians have arrived safely at Port Larren for a final screening before they could go planetside to assist in the colony expansion.

Sadly, the arrival didn't go flawless as a minor disagreement escalated into a small riot during transition. Thanks to Port Larren Security, these 12 troublemakers have been arrested rapidly. They are now imprisoned and await their trial. Due to their actions, this group has been exiled from the colony project and will return to the Arcology Project at the first transport home.

Recognizing the need for a minimal security force, Cyrillian Voth has approved a small temporary security detachment to go along with these first colonists, to assure initial safety till the Arcology security force has completed their training aboard Port Larren.

Currently, the Ayem Colony Population is as following:

~20.000 locals
-10.130 Workers (janitors)
-20.120 Colonists (tourists)
- 60 Port Larren Security personnel (Militants)
-6 Construction Engineers (Construction Workers)
-9 Geological Engineers (Miners)
-31 Exotic Dancers
-1 Project Overseer (VIP)

People awaiting transit in Port Larren:

-12 Prisoners (returning to Aurora Arcology at the arrival of the next transport)
-1.000 Arcology Marines training under 4TH District to assure high quality security service

The colonist transport also ferried additional goods & supplies to Ayem, provided by a variety of highsec capsuleers. Among it are clothing, industrial & agricultural supplies, machinery, spareparts, entertainment holoreels, etc.
This will assist in a more efficient growth of the colony, being able to bridge the inevitable supply shortages at start due to the increased population.
Also, due to earlier contacts with the Monyusaiya Industry Trade Group [MITG], the colony has it's first solid income outside 4TH District supply contracts. The main goods exported to MITG is planetside produced food, mainly meat, fish & grain products. In the future, this will be expanded to include dairy products & alcoholic drinks.

The increase of Exotic dancers is due to the establishment of a bar, advertising exotic dance-shows, providing entertainment for colonists & locals alike. This was a local initiative, for now they're being monitored loosely, but as long as no troubles arises, it's allowed to exist in it's current form.

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