Saturday 21 June 2014

Civilian aid programs by other groups, supported by the Aurora Arcology

While the Aurora Arcology project does aim to help as many civilians as possible, it cannot help all in certain cases. The Project aims to help people getting a new start in their lives, provided we can offer the appropriate expertise.
This article plans to highlight two programs run by other organisations that we support, namely the PIE Kameira Program and the Matriculation program by the Disciples of Ston.

In the case of slavery, the Aurora project lacks the expertise to help these people appropriately. To remedy this, we generally transfer these slaves to the Disciples of Ston. They are known for their good care and expertise in helping slaves get a better life.

As slavery is a traumatic experience, the Disciples of Ston offer guidance to these former slaves to learn and handle their newfound freedom. They also go to great lengths to assure their safety, in order to take away their fear that their former master will return to claim them.
Over the years, they've helped millions to be emancipated and enjoy their lives as free people.

However the Disciples do respect that not all want to be free. For a variety of reasons, some prefer to remain in slavery. In such cases, the Disciples respect their wishes and return them to their old lives. They do assist more than just slaves however, dealing with all manners of traumatized people.

The Disciples of Ston tend to patrol the Amarr borders, looking to rescues slaves and others that have been left behind in deathcans. These are cargo-cans jettisoned with live people inside and enough oxygen for about 2 hours.
Despite the fact that this cruel practise is condemned by many, it continues to this day. Lucky the Disciples keep watch, rescuing many from certain death. This experience leaves mny rescuees very distraught and distrusting of capsuleers, yet with the guidance provided by the various centers run by the Disciples, they'll recover.

May their works continue for a long time, offering a brighter world for many and a non-violent way out for slavery.

A more recent cause is the PIE Kameira Program. After it was found out the Kameira presence can cause major friction with the Minmatar, it's been decided to support this program to keep down Kameira numbers aboard the Arcology station.

Due to their background, Kameiras cause a great deal of unrest among the minmatar. After all, these men and women are taken from their parents as babies and raised to be warriors for the Amarr Empire through indoctrination.
Due to this, Kameiras only want to serve their Amarr Masters. Many have tried to undo the indoctrination process, but so far no reliable method has been found that improves their quality of life in a replicatable manner.

Due to this, the Aurora Arcology project prefers to keep them as they are, serving the Amarr elite aboard for various task concerning security.
However, for these tasks, only a minimum of Kameiras are needed. To help these men and women as much as possible, it's been decided to support the PIE Kameira Program.

The core of this program is to rescue Kameiras from the grasp of capsuleers and redeploy them under their Amarr masters. However, they would be used to do good, namely defending civilian populations from outside aggression. This has been an increased concern ever since the deployment of Dust Mercs by various groups.
Due to their rigorous combat training, a regiment of Kameiras should be able to stand against a few Dust mercs when needed, an accomplishment of it's own. This means that any Amarr settlement guarded by Kameiras guarantees an enduring battle, allowing civilians to retreat to safety when needed.

Civilians are usually the first casualties in war, it's good to see PIE doing their part to offer them some safety from the atrocities of war.

Final note

Do keep in mind that anyone who supports the Aurora Arcology and sends refugees, rescuees & immigrants our way is guaranteed that these people will receive the best support that we can offer. However in certain cases this means they'll be transferred to another organisation when we lack the expertise to assist them properly.

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