Sunday 1 June 2014

Sansha Aeon Supercarrier engaged in Haras System!


A while back, Raisa SRP reported that one of their pilots, who used to be a staunch enemy of Nation, had been taken, and her loyalty rewritten to serve Nation without question through the use of True Slave implants.
On top of this, she managed to use her newly gained influence as Sansha capsuleer to steal an Aeon supercarrier, with the intend to raid a system in the future.

To assure sufficient people would rally to help, Raisa SVP put up an impressive list of rewards for those who assisted in taking down the Sansha Carrier and destroy Xilia Otsu's pod to free her from Nation influence.

However, Xilia Otsu offered rewards of her own, promoting the destruction of capsuleers, to advocate Sansha's goal of eliminating capsuleers-assets from space.With this response, a high turnout of people was expected, from those who fight nation to Nation loyalists intending to defend the carrier and pirates who are just out there for profit and gain, no matter which side they supported through their actions.

The fleets gather

As soon as the Sansha Aeon Supercarrier was spotted in haras, word spread fast across the Eden cluster. Over a dozen fleets set course for Haras, all intending to claim parts of the prizes awarded!

The initial fleets that arrived were a mixed russian fleet using Talwars, RAZOR Alliance, Nulli Secunda, Scope, Caldari Militia and the Shadow Cartel. Upon arrival at the Aeon Supercarrier they immediately started attacking each other, causing a massive chaotic fight.
As the fighting continued, fleets warping in & out, often launching 4 to 5 way attacks, more and more fleets poured into the system.

And then, Pandemic Legion arrived with their dreaded Navy Apoc fleet, flanked with a variety of other ships to secure these battleships. Rightaway they went to work to secure the battlefield for themselves.
Rapidly in their wake, a few other powerful fleets arrived, The Gorgons, The Brothers of Tangra, Spectre fleet. and the RedvsBlue fleet. Now over 600 capsuleers were present in local...
And so it begins, the Battle of Haras

With the arrival of all these powerful and organized fleets, the battle quickly changed. As PL asserted their dominion over the Supercarrier, causing mayhem in various smaller fleets, others used this chaos for their own good.
Using the chaos of the battle, The Gorgons; Shadow Cartel and RvB drove all the others temporary from the battlefield. As they were driven off, the Russian Talwar fleet, Scope, Razor Alliance and the Brothers of Tangra suffered heavy losses as they withdraw temporary from battle. All this took place in only 10 minutes...

Now these 3 organized and strong fleets were the ones left on the battlefield, staying at range from the PL battleship fleet. But this stand-off only lasted for a short time as these 3 fleets began fighting PL and themselves in a massive 4 way battle. Using the chaos of this bloodbath a 5th unidentified fleet warped and and caused severe havoc on all sides. To make things even more mind-warping chaotical, Spectre jumped in as well, making the chaos complete.
Initially the disruption caused by these two new fleets worked successfully, wrecking ships from many fleets.

But as testament to their strict organisation and experience, the big 4 (PL, Gorgons, RvB and Shadow Cartel) quickly recovered and drove these two fleets from the field by wrecking a large number of their ships.
But during this, yet another new fleet warped in Red Alliance (Don't confuse with RvB!) together with a renewed attack from Spectre. Alas, their bravery would not be rewarded as they get slaughtered under combined PL/Gorgon fire. The repeated attacks from other fleets start to take their toll on RvB and Shadow Cartel that now starts to suffer heavy losses as well from PL & Gorgons.  Now don't mistake this as co-operation as the Gorgons and PL were still happily shooting each other as well!

As the dust cleared, the two remaining large fleets are the Gorgons and PL, who continued to attack each other.
But this fleet-duel would regularly be interrupted by smaller fleets like Winmatar and E-Uni warping in & out, but these did nothing but provide fodder for these two powerful fleets.
For a while, there was no serious attempt to break the hegemony of these two fleets, PL's Navy Apocs and the Gorgon Naga's.

And then, Nulli Secunda returned... focusing their firepower initially on the Gorgons while they were also battered down by PL. But as they shifted firepower to PL as well, Nulli Secunda remained on the field as the new third fleet!

 Attack ships on fire off the Aeon of Xilia Otsu, laserbeams glitter in the dark near the Haras Gate
Bolstered by the success of Nulli Secunda, a whole bunch of fleets returned to the battlefield, Red Alliance, Scope and Goonswarm warped on field and began immediate attacks on the 3 major fleets. Alas, their action would be fruitless as they got rapidly removed from the battlefield.
Only Goonswarm would keep returning, harassing them.

But as the battle raged on and smaller fleets kept warping in & out, the battering of PL firepower put heavy pressure on the two other fleets, Gorgons and Nulli Secunda, but they managed to hold.
This all changed when two new and fresh fleets arrived... Waffles, who came and support their PL friends, and Circle-of-Two, that disrupted the balance. While Circle-of-Two was easly dispatched of, it also broke the balance, forcing Nulli Secunda and the Gorgons into retreat.

And amidst the massive field of wreckage, combat fell briefly silent for the first time as Waffles & PL claimed total control over the Sansha Aeon Supercarrier.

Circle-of-Two, Goonswarm, Red Alliance, Brothers of Tangra and Shadow Cartel would launch several attacks to disrupt PL/Waffle operations during the final stages of battle. But alas, due to the fighting amongst the fleets, PL/Waffle remained in control.
During these final stages, PL focused on downing the Aeon supercarrier while Waffles kept them safe from small marauding fleets trying to disrupt their attack. And then, finally the newest Sansha threat, Xilia Otsu's Aeon Supercarrier went down, and her along with it...

Time to end this

And so ends the Battle for Haras, a Sansha Nation threat removed amidst a large and chaotical fight.. PL once more claimed the majority of rewards due to their organisation and power.
However it wasn't made easy for them this time, as there were several strong & long lasting fleets on the field, forcing PL to call in backup in the form of spider-tanking carriers, Battle-Rorquals and calling out for Waffle support at the end.

While the peak of activity was between 600 to 700 capsuleers, plenty more in absolute numbers have joined this fight as the fight took roughly 3 hours.
The Haras battle-report can be found here: The Fight for Haras

With the destruction of her True Slave implants, Xilia Otsu is now free from Nation influence, albeit closely monitoring her is advised. While capsuleers struck victory against Nation at Haras, it is a bittersweet one due to the massive scale of destruction committed there due to all the fighting between fleets to claim the rewards

Full videofootage of the whole duration of the battle, provided by Russian Eve Radio

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