Monday 9 June 2014

Helping Serpentis civilians

Recently, a capsuleer by the name Richard Masseri contacted me to know more about the Aurora Arcology project. He had heard of the Arcology through a shared contact, Denak Kalamari. As we spoke, it came to light that he wanted to make sure that the civilians under his care would be treated well if he transferred them over to the Aurora project.

Part of the civilians under Richard Masseri's care are people he's looking after, but as he is part of the Intaki Liberation Front, he felt he couldn't give them the support they needed, hence the Aurora Arcology project grabbed his interest.
After assurance these civilians had a wide selection of job-opportunities and their security guaranteed, he grew convinced that the Arcology would give them a bright future.

There was also the case of the Serpentis civilians he rescued from the wreckage of demolished Serpentis structures. Capsuleer Richard Masseri wanted to know my stance on civilians under criminal employ.
After hearing about the Redemption program that runs in the Arcology, he was delighted to hear that such people get a second chance as well.
After all, most civilians working for a criminal organisation do it more to survive in the unlawful parts of the universe rather than idealism. Hence one shouldn't judge too harshly when it comes to rescuing people from any pirate complex .

I like to thank Richard Masseri for his trust in the Arcology Project and to give the people he rescued and looked after a new chance in life! Aboard the Arcology, these civilians will be able to share their lifestory with many others who have experienced similar things.
In a way to repay his gratitude & trust, I donated a part of the Antibiotics that are produced aboard the Arcology to the Intaki Liberation Front, because you can never have enough medicines in a region afflicted by a prolonged conflict.

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