Thursday 28 August 2014

Sansha's Nation intensifies attacks!

Nation Today

Once more, we capsuleers made the same mistake as we did years ago during the initial Sansha's Nation strikes. It was believed we had Nation contained after all these years, and upon believing this lie we told ourselves, capsuleers began doing what they always do. We began fighting amongst ourselves...

The incursion community, who kept the Nation attacks in check, began fighting among themselves, vying for control over the bounties Concord pays out to fight Nation. Various groups within the Incursion community began isolating themselves from the others, denying the others access to their 'hunting ground', intending to keep the payout fully to themselves. In response, sabotaging began, from hiring mercenaries to interrupt the others, to full blown collaboration with Nation to assist them in withdrawing the Nation flagships, causing the incursion of a region to end, and with it, the halting of the bounty payouts.

The arrogance in believing that the threat posed by Nation was controlled and Nation itself contained would soon unravel... as Nation did what it always has done, they adapted, changed...
This is just history repeating itself, as one can read in this article: When Nightmares turn reality, The Sansha Invasion

Nation Tomorrow

And so, on the 26th of august YC 116, Nation showed our error... As they compromised Concord databases once more, they managed to infiltrate Capsuleer monitoring software, releasing a virus corrupting the overview of tens of thousands of capsuleers.

Together with this, news spread of the vastly stronger Sansha's Nation scouting forces. For a long time, there were weak forces, easily handled by local authorities, and thereby gained little attention from capsuleers. But now they had changed... they were much stronger, overwhelming local security forces..
On top of this, capsuleers became aware that Nation's response on incursion clearance had increased. Now they targeted new regions much faster than before, putting more pressure on the incursion community.

Luckily, the overview corruption was quickly handled, with Concord Communication Personnel releasing a statement on how to circumvent it as they worked fast to resolve the situation! On top of this, a document was also released by Concord officials, detailing Nation's latest strategic changes; CCP FoxFour on the changes in Nation incursions.
Nation Forever

I have returned, and I know you better then you know yourself
Kuvakei's message to Capsuleers

Hopefully, lessons have been learned now, and today's faults won't be repeated tomorrow. It's important to keep in mind that Sansha's Nation is not just a pirate organisation, btu a fully fledged hostile nation, intending to drive the cluster into chaos with a prolonged sustained war...

Many have questioned where Sansha Kuvakei gets his resources & manpower to keep the war going. Part of it may lie in the fact that the origin of Nations armies have never been found. While he does hold a presence in Stain, it doesn't seem to be the origin of his main attack force.

A popular theory is that he operates from a yet undiscovered region, where he can draw upon it's untouched resources, coupled with the massed cloned manpower that he retrieved during his initial invasions on the Empires.
This theory does deserve credit, due to the extensive knowledge of wormholes & their workings by Nation, suggesting at minimum a large scientific base somewhere in Wormhole space. As it's never found, nor been unveiled from where in wormhole space he operated, despite a few initial sightings, it suggest that Nation might have found a place among the wormholes we cannot access yet...

As long as we cannot find his base of operations, Nation will remain, and the war will continue... May the incursion community of capsuleers remain strong in their will to defy Nation and overcome their internal divisions to stand as one against Sansha Kuvakei and his army!


  1. Intending to drive the cluster into chaos with a prolonged sustained war?
    I think you are confusing Nation with Goonswarm.
    I can see that it's a possibility, but other than Kuvakei having been an arms dealer, I haven't seen much that indicates that that is Nation's goal.

    1. It's been 4 years since the attacks by Sansha's Nation began. They've been attacking whole regions across the Eden cluster the last 3 years. They send out hundreds to thousands of warships during these incursions. That sounds to me like a war, a war waged by Sansha's Nation in an effort to weaken us. A war that we capsuleers defend against. The ultimate goal of this war is only known to Kuvakei at this point, I grant you that.