Sunday 3 August 2014

Ushra'Khan liberates slaves in Amarr!


The iconic Ushra'Khan logo

Ushra'Khan is a renowned capsuleer organisation with a long history. They always have been supportive of the minmatar cause to liberate slaves from the Amarr Empire, no matter the consequences.
During their long history they have known many great triumphs but also major defeats. Nowadays, they are part of the Minmatar Militia, leading the forefront in liberating slaves from the Amarr Empire.

Recently, they decided to up the pressure on the Amarr through a public announcement, where they stated their intent of liberating more slaves from the Empire's territories. This announcement: We The Defiant has gathered alot of attention from capsuleers across the cluster.
To reinforce their announcement, they also expanded their public operations campaign through Pandora News! This public campaign board also contains info on previous campaigns they ran.

To show they were serious, Ushra'Khan launched an attack this weekend on Amarr itself to liberate their people! This went along with a new operations campaign board called: We The Defiant: Amarr Strike , where their goal is to inflict as many damage as possible on Amarr assets across highsec and to liberate as many slaves as possible in a single day.

The shipping raids in Amarr

And so it began, Ushra'Khan sended out a dozen of their best pilots into the Amarr home system to disrupt shipping lanes. Pandora News picked it up rapidly and began a large advertising campaign, raising awareness to this daring Ushra'Khan deep strike!
Initially, Ushra'Khan had little trouble in raiding several non-capsuleer transports in the system, as the Navy lacked the manpower to stop capsuleer ships. The 24th Imperial Crusade was taken by surprise by this brazen raid deep into Amarr space and needed a bit of time to organize themselves against the invaders.

But once the 24th showed up, skirmishes erupted across the system, in an attempt to protect the shipping lines from Ushra'Khan interference.
As time passed by, it proved difficult to discourage Ushra'Khan from raiding transports to liberate slaves. Despite their disadvantage, fighting Amarr Militia & Imperial Navy ships, they continued to successfully raid ship to free slaves & claim other goods to disperse among the less fortunate at home.
As Polska Kielbasa, member of Ushra'Khan, explained; their combat successes lie in their mastery of guerilla tactics; never stay at the same place for more than 20 seconds, lest the Imperial Navy locates you!

As the Ushra'Khan attacks continued on the various shipping lines across the Amarr system, traffic control saw no other way but to sent out a warning to non-capsuleer transports to avoid Amarr for the time being, as their safety could no longer be guaranteed. Most transports abided by this warning, save a few stubborn haulers, who paid the price.

At this point, Ushra'Khan expanded their field of operation to neighbouring systems, locating & raiding several slave transports, while fending off 24th Crusade members.
However, by now the Curatores Veritatis Alliance(CVA) and Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris(PIE Inc) got involved as well! These two capsuleer organisations are renowned for their loyality to the Empire and their expertise in tackling Minmatar guerilla combat tactics! In a series of engagements, they managed take out several Ushra'Khan ships in short succession. To avoid losses climbing to high, Ushra'Khan called their pilots back so the freed slaves would be in safety as well.
As Ushra'Khan was fighting in an unfavorable position, being engaged by 24th Crusade, Imperial Navy, Pie Inc forces & CVA fleets, this was a sensible decision to take.

Success! Hundreds of slaves rescued!

In the end, the operation We The Defiant: Amarr Strike was hailed as a success. A deep strike behind enemy lines was performed, with no access to a safe location, yet Ushra'Khan pilots managed to disrupt non-capsuleer shipping in the Amarr home system!
During this daring raid, dozens of transports were raided and hundreds of slaves rescued! In total 221 people have been liberated from a life of slavery!
I like to thank DeT Resprox, leader of Ushra'Khan for his cooperation, allowing a deeper insight into their campaign.

However, it's expected that this won't be the end of it... The Amarr have been attacked in the very heart of their Empire, it is expected they'll respond accordingly through their loyal capsuleer forces...

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