Friday 8 August 2014

Second colonist wave arrives at Ayem colony!

This week, a second wave of 20.000 colonists have arrived at Ayem. They'll mainly focus to reinforce the industrial basis of the colony, allowing the settlement to take it's first steps to a self-sufficient colony in terms of machinery & goods.
4th District reports on their arrival in their latest district news highlight: Ayem colony receives new colonists

The first wave of colonists are now well settled in their new environment. Their large focus on expanding agriculture has allowed the colony to earn its first profits in exporting food to various neighbouring stations.
Also, due to their hard work, the colony is able to support a fast growing population & large immigrant waves. So for the foreseeable future no issues are expected here.
To help these first colonists in their agriculture field, Aurora Arcology management acquired genetically enhanced livestock, in order to boost livestock production even more, as this variant has been enhanced to flourish under less optimal climates.
This livestock was bought from the Trimeryevaaryam pastures, owned by Richard Masseri, member of the Intaki Prosperity Initiative.

Currently, the second wave of colonists is being registered & soon they'll be able to assist the current Ayem population in expanding their industry. Initially, geological surveys will be held to pinpoint interesting mining locations.
In coordination with the geological surveys, an industrial economy & infrastructure expanse will be set up, in order to make efficient usage of available resources. Thanks to 4TH District member assistance, machinery & other materials are already present to begin a rapid expanse of the industrial base.
Initially, factories will mainly aim to produce construction materials & machinery to assist the expansion of the colony. In a next step, newer factories will aim to produce basic consumer goods to replace import, allowing the colony to operate independently for a while should it be needed.

With a growing colony also comes a growing need for security. The initial 1000 marines have finished their 4TH District training and have been sent planetside to assist the original 60 4TH District law enforcers to maintain order in the colony.
To anticipate on the growing population, Aurora Arcology management has sent an additional 3000 marines for security training to Port Larren, with Demion Samenel's approval.

Despite the increased activity of hostile capsuleer fleets in Providence, people feel safe at the Ayem colony as 4th District does an excellent job at maintaining security in the I-MGAB system. There hasn't been any capsuleer fight in the system for over a month, showing 4th District's effectiveness in guarding the system. This also boosts the feeling of safety for the colonists themselves, knowing that the ships they spot among the stars provide their security.

On a last note, the total population of Ayem colony now exceeds 70.000 people, divided between roughly 20.000 local tribals and over 50.000 Aurora Arcology colonists!
So far, we're on schedule to achieve the 100.000 population goal by the end of YC 116! Future colonist waves will mainly focus on increasing services like hospitals, schools, entertainment etc, turning the colony into a true settlement.

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