Sunday 5 October 2014

A selection of upcoming events in the Eden cluster

Capsuleers organize a wide variety of events for others to attend, for myriads of reasons. In this article will be a selection of these events that I'll do my best to attend & report on for you to read about & perhaps even be part of this happening!
Do note that there's many more events then the ones just listed, but I cannot simply attend & report on all of them, so I have to make choices. I'll include a link to the announcement in question & provide a short summary, so you know what to expect.

Most events can be found in the capsuleer message board sections, more directly in Events & Gatherings and Intergalactic Summit. Do note that some other subsections can also offer events you can attend, but they are far less used for such announcements.
With all that said, the list of events I'll do my best to attend & report on the coming month!

The Capsuleer Writing Contest, deadline 15 October

I reported about this one earlier, but it never hurts to repeat, if you like to unleash your writing skills upon the capsuleer community, this is your chance! Check the above link for details & mail your story to Lunarisse Aspenstar to qualify for the prizes of the contest! I do look forward to see what kind of entries make it to the large list of winning prizes!

Blow up a Nyx for the Kids! Time: 25 October at 20:00H

In a genius mix of Capsuleer madness & generosity, Bacchanalian plans to raise awareness to raise funds for the children hospital charity Extra Life. He plans to do this through sacrificing his own Nyx Supercarrier to capsuleers in a yet to be disclosed lowsec system. Bring your spaceships!
Through this action, he hopes to warm up other capsuleer to donate with him to his cause. If you like to know more why he does it, Bacchanalian explains it in more detail here: Extra Life | Play Games | Heal Kids

Nightmare in New Eden, when the day shifts from 30 October to 31 October, (0:00H) 

For a few years now, a strange Nightmare, accompanied by a support fleet terrorizes the Eden cluster on the midnight hour of 30 October. At the helm is the Mad Capsuleer Tyen, who wants to bathe the stars in blood and burn the galaxy in a quest to silence the voices in his own mind. Only by the combined effort of capsuleers has the Nightmare threat been stopped in the past years. Can we do this once again this year? Be part of those who defend the galaxy against the madness of Tyen and bring your spaceships to stop him!
You can find more info here: Nightmare in New Eden

Second Annual Masquerade. Time: 1 November, 18:00H

This is a capsuleer gathering, no spaceships involved. This Masquerade is also invite-only, to apply you are requested to apply for an invitation in the above-linked announcement.
I did attend this last year, and I found it was a good way to know more about the various Empire-loyal capsuleers and those who are loyal to a variety of non-capsuleer organisations. I would like to remind that security at the Masquerade Event has the authority to remove any capsuleer who acts too disruptive towards the events & other capsuleers, so please keep it in mind. It's a good place to meet fellow capsuleers & get to know a variety of supporters of non-capsuleer organisations in more detail and what they stand for.

This is a short list of the events I will do my best to attend & report on, but keep in mind, this is far from a complete list! There's a variety of other events out there that you can look up & join! Some have a more public character, while others operate on an invite-only basis.

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