Tuesday 14 October 2014

19.000 refugees welcomed in the Aurora Arcology!

This week saw the further unraveling of the Black Eagle prison camps by the Caldari Militia. It's not known how deep or far the network stretches, but the Caldari Militia are doing their part in dismantling it and saving the captives.
As most facilities are very small, it's doubtful it really hurts the Black Eagles, but given enough time, enough small setbacks could lead to a major fallback. In the meantime, the Aurora Arcology Project Management does their best to help out the rescued captives that are placed in our custody.

In brighter news, a great celebration is held among the Minmatar tribal societies, as they welcome their first Shaman into their midst! Spirituality is an important aspect of the Minmatar tribal culture and while the various tribal representatives are a good medium to assist them in their spiritual paths, it's ultimately the Shaman that can visualize these paths for them and provide council along the way.
With the Preacher and the Shaman, we now cover the two largest spiritual groups within the Minmatar society.
In the end, it's not enough to provide shelter, food & work to help people, because in the end, their spiritual health matters as much as their physical health!

Also, due to recent successes, our population limit is dangerously close to being reached. As we had this issue last year as well, a long term solution is being negotiated with Caldari Provisions, the owners of the Irjunen station we rent from.
As large parts of the station have been empty for years, it's expected that the Aurora Project can rent these sections at a premium rate, if we do the renovation of these abandoned areas ourselves.

Now onward to this weeks census report! Thanks to capsuleers like Khaprice, Diana Kim and others, refugees & rescuees with widely different backgrounds have found solace within the Aurora Arcology!

Regular Civilians

-21 Caldari prisoners of War (Datafile: Caldari Militia uncover a network of Black Eagle prison camps!)
-10 Civilians
-241 Homeless
-3.988 Janitors
-10 Prisoners (Part of the Prison Lend-Lease Program)
-352 Refugees
-50 Science Graduates
-18 Scientists
-15 Stranded Pilots
-3.580 Tourists
-2.679 Freed Slaves


-638 Hounds

Law Enforcement

-239 Arctic Warfare Marines
-30 Caldari Light Marines
-797 Freedom Fighters
-6.571 Marines
-920 Militants
-369 Slavers (Part of the Redemption Program)

Employees for the Nightclub L'Etoile Rouge

-200 Female Exotic Dancers
-495 Male Exotic Dancers

Council Members

-1 Dari Akell
-1 Logut Akell
-8 Oura Madusaari (Patients suffering the Oura M. Syndrome)

I like to thank everyone who gave these people a new chance in their lives! Also, I hope to brief everyone soon on our latest expansion in order to prevent overpopulation!

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