Friday 21 August 2015

Empress Jamyl Sarum I assassinated by Drifter taskforce!

When happy celebrations turns into shock & mourning

What was supposed to be a happy celebration as the newest Imperial flagship would be unveiled to the people turned into one of the darkest days of the Amarr Empire.
Hundreds of capsuleers had gathered at Safizon to witness the arrival of Empress Jamyl Sarum I in her Titan along with her escort of Aeon supercarriers. To honour her, CVA/PIE/SFRIM capsuleers & friends held a prayer for her.
Even the station turrets were modified to enhance the celebration as they shot fireworks across the crowd, making everyone feel excited for the upcoming reveal.

A capsuleer loyalist fleet preparing for parade formation, unaware of what is about to happen...
Image by Jandice Ymladris

But then, a dark nightmare became reality when a large fleet of Drifter battleships appeared all of a sudden amidst the speech of the Empress. Wasting no time, they fired two volleys. One volley took out the Imperial Titan Seraph, the second smaller volley fired at her escape pod. Then the sinister Drifter taskforce warped out, leaving hundreds of capsuleers & their crews behind in shock & confusion as it all went so fast...

The strike on the Seraph, annihilating the Titan immediately after.
Image by Sahriah Bloodstone

Crowd in disarray as the wreckage of the Seraph floats through space
Image by Jandice Ymladris

Chaos erupted as people began shouting, overloading comms. Rumours spread that Amarr was under siege, causing many fleets to warp as soon as they could to the system. All the while, the Admirals of the Imperial Navy called for order & asked to secure the area; to assure the Drifter taskforce was really gone.
Arriving at Amarr, nobody could confirm the presence of Drifters, yet people remained vigilant, scouring the system. In the end, it turned out to be a false alarm.

What will happen now is unsure. Capsuleers claim that she has died during the attack, as people confirmed to have seen her corpse.
This attack showed the lethal danger the Drifters present. they can strike anywhere, anytime they desire, taking out whatever they choose & withdraw in impunity... Dark days have befallen the Amarr Empire... and perhaps the cluster if their aggression expands...
Currently, it is not known why the Drifters were so focused on the Empress, to the point that they ignored everyone else & retreated once her ship was gone.

Memorial image of Empress Jamyl Sarum I, as released by the Amarr Empire

Only a few hours after this brutal attack, the Court Chamberlain officially confirmed the death of Empress Jamyl Sarum I. Following this announcement, the entire Imperial Navy was set on high alert. Chamberlain Haromi also called for a meeting of all the heads of the Imperial armed forces and the Imperial government to assess the situation & react accordingly.
The killboards show the destruction of the Seraph Titan & assassination of the Empress in more detail:
Destruction of the Imperial Titan Seraph
- Assassination of Empress Jamyl Sarum I

For those who want to honour the passing of the Empress, capsuleer Alizebeth Amalath is organizing a funeral ceremony to pay final respect to Jamyl Sarum: Funeral Mass information

The Scope reported on this shattering event as well:

Scope reporting on the Drifter attack in Safizon, resulting in the Seraph' destruction

Direct footage by capsuleer Mangraa Dementia showing the assassination of the Empress by the Drifters

Short vid, showing the final moments of the Seraph & the Empress

Capsuleer Sahriah Bloodstone created a short movie titles 'Fall of the Empress' summarizing the Safizon Drifter attacks that culminated in the assassination of the Empress

"There will be neither compassion nor mercy;
Nor peace, nor solace
For those who bear witness to these Signs
And still do not believe."
-The Scriptures, Book of Reclaiming 25:10

The reactions of the other nations & Concord upon receiving this shocking news

An official publication has combined the various responses of Concord, the State, the Federation and the Republic. below you'll find a summary of it.

The Concord assembly has put their fleet in the highest state of alert since the Sansha attacks of YC 112. They also expressed that while they were shocked & saddened by the sudden death of Empress Jamyl Sarum I, they'll remain vigilant & that the Drifters are their highest threat priority to the peace & stability of New Eden

In the State, the Chief Executive Panel has released a statement, offering their condolences to their allies and that they shall mourn the Empress' death. They furthermore stated that she was an important figure in maintaining the friendly relations between the State & Empire.
In reaction to the Drifter attack, the Caldari Navy has been placed on high alert and the Megacorporation Security forces have been mobilized to secure the State from their aggression.

The Gallente President Jacus Roden praised Empress Jamyl Sarum I for her clarity in matters regarding the Amarr Empire & its people. While the President & the Empress often disagreed in important matters & morals, he still called her a positive influence on the Gallente-Amarr relations and therefor offered condoleances to the people of the Empire in name of the Gallente Federation.
The Gallente Navy has been put on invasion alert, making sure that their fleets occupy strategic defensive positions to deflect possible incoming attacks. The Federan Intelligence Operations also have been put on high alert, keeping track of all Drifter activity in federation space.

Sanmator Maleatu Shakor of the Minmatar Republic remarked briefly that he was dismayed at the ability of the Drifters to penetrate the security of a major power and violently remove their head of state. Further on, he declared that after a session with the Tribal Council that the Drifters pose no immediate threat to the Republic and therefor no actions are being undertaken against them. He further expresses his concerns that the current instability in the Amarr Empire could lead to an increased suffering of the enslaved people.
Meanwhile, in parts of the Republic, citizens are far less restricted in their response, celebrating the death of the Empress, whom they sometimes refer to as 'The Witch'. The Sanmator declined to comment on these celebrations, albeit Chief Tenerhaddi Dykon of the Krusual Tribe was more open about it, station that he rejoiced as he would rejoice at the death of a rabid slaver hound.

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