Wednesday 26 August 2015

The Amarr Empire marches to war!


Following the death of Empress Jamyl Sarum I and the announcement of the Succession Trials, Court Chamberlain Pomik Haromi met with the Ministry of War & the Grand Admirals for a proper course of action regarding the Drifter threat.
Initially, the Amarr Empire has been put in a high state of alert, but a more direct answer was needed to comfort the population of the Empire. And this answer came after a few days, where the Grand Admiral Kezti Sundara explained the Drifter threat to the Theology Council & the Privy Council.

The inevitable conclusion

As of 25 August, YC 117 at 11H, the Amarr Empire is officially at war with the Drifters. A general mobilization is in progress. A fortification of the Throne World fleets is underway, along with the reinforcement of the border systems to prevent opportunistic attacks from others.
Also, the Imperial Navy has begun cleansing the Drifters from the core world systems. Imperial forces have also entered the contested Devoid region, reinforcing the area & actively engaging Drifters.
This intervention in Devoid will surely be ill-received by the Minmatar Republic, but for now, there have been no official statements from their diplomats.

For the official document go here:
 'For immediate public dissemniation; Declaration of war by the Amarr Empire towards the Drifters'

Khanid Kingdom under attack!

The Drifter response didn't wait for long. Only a few hours after the declaration of way, they begun their attack on the lowsec system Nandeza in the Khanid Kingdom. As the Imperial Navy was mainly securing it's own space in the Amarr Empire, this gave the Drifters the initial advantage, allowing them to rapidly setup a few strongholds & strikepoints!
However, the response of the Imperial Navy wouldn't take long and they send in their forces to assist the Khanid Kingdom to battle this threat.
Meanwhile, the Ministry of Internal Order has geared its propaganda into action, calling the people of Amarr to pray for the righteous defenders of the Throne Worlds. On top of this, the Drifters are portrayed as the harbingers of unimaginable evil to strike an iron resolve in the people to defy them.

All shall fall in our wake

In response to the Amarr declaration of war and the invasion of the Drifters into the Khanid Kingdom, capsuleers set out to attack this foe.
But when they arrived, they were met with a discouraging sight... the wreckage of countless Navy ships floating across space.... Sometimes a flash of light was seen when a straggler launched a final desperate attack on the Drifter battleships, only to be erased by their superior weaponry...
The first capsuleers that attacked didn't do much but to follow the fate of the Navy ships...

But capsuleers are nothing of resourceful in the field of battle. Both Arek'Jaalan and Spectre Fleet took the forefront this conflict. While Arek'Jaalan send in small forces to analyze their tactics & devise strategies to combat it, Spectre Fleet went full in, launching devastating attacks on the Drifters. While they were often pushed back, they managed to diminish several Drifter task forces in the area.
While all this fighting is going on, capsuleer The Golden serpent tried a more peaceful route after the Drifters destroyed her ship. She remained in the area with her pod, seemingly ignored by the Drifters and began recording what she saw, gathering & releasing all the info, for a better understanding of this rising threat. You can find her observations here: 'Report on the trip to Baratar system, Khanid; Drifter incursion' 

Despite all these actions, it isn't enough to drive out these invaders. There's been reports that the Drifters intend to expand their area of influence to other places once they have consolidated this area.
Considering the Drifters have begun their attack in lowsec, it complicates matters, as there's always capsuleers that prefer to engage their own kind instead of facing an invading force, making it all that more difficult to drive them out.
If this continues, the future looks grim for this area of the Khanid Kingdom... We have no idea what the Drifters will do once they solidly control an area of space... But an invading entity rarely has good intentions for their enemies.

The silence of Concord

In all the recent Drifter related conflicts, Concord has been eerily silent since the attack on the Yulai HQ by a small drifter taskforce. In previous rising threats, Concord at least provided some intel or made some public announcement regarding it.
While Concord's main goal is to provide peace between the 4 nations & keep a leash on capsuleers, the stability of the cluster as a whole should be a concern of theirs. Drifters snooping around everywhere with advanced tech & engaging anyone who comes too close is surely a worrying matter, not only for Amarr but for the whole of the New Eden cluster.
Hopefully we'll hear news from Concord soon regarding the Drifters.

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