Sunday 23 August 2015

Succession trials confirmed next year to select the new Emperor/Empress

The Imperial capital, Dam-Torsad

The Court Chamberlain Pomik Haromi announced from the Imperial Palace in Dam-Torsad that the Succession Trials would commence next year. The speed at which this is announced took away fears of a second Karsoth in power.
It was further revealed that the Succession Trials would mirror those of YC105, where Capsuleers were chosen as champions of the Houses to represent the Heirs.

The current Heir of the Royal Houses of Amarr are as following:

- Articio Kor-Azor, Heir of Royal House Kor-Azor
- Uriam Kador, Heir of Royal House Kador
- Catiz Tash-Murkon, heir of Royal House Tash-Murkon
- Yonis Ardashipur, Heir of Royal House Ardashipur
- Merimeth Sarum, Heir of Royal House Sarum

To find out more about each House & their politics, you can visit this archive: Politics of the Amarr Empire
Currently, the details of the Championship Succession Trials aren't known yet, as each Trial is unique, its rules adapted to the times they occur in & to eliminate mistakes made in previous Trial Championships.
A part has already been unveiled however & it seems in line with the previous Succession Trial Championship held in YC105

Current known rules & regulations

-Succession Trial Date: 21 to 23 April of YC 118
-Only Amarr & Khanid ships will be allowed to participate (In detail: only ships that exclusively require Amarr ship skills) The class of ship has not yet been determined.
- Champions must have positive unmodified standings towards the Amarr Empire
- Champions can be of any race or Bloodline (a change from the previous Championship!)
- Champions may not put forth an Heir of their Choice, as the Heirs will select the best 5 of those after the Championship Tournament to fight for them in the final Succession Trial.

More details concerning rules, registration & the Championship trials will be released in a future declaration.

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