Monday 7 October 2013

Expert in AI & Drone development joins the Arcology!

As some have noted, the Aurora Arcology has a science department. One of these departments is into AI research. They mainly investigating advanced learning algorithms and see where the line can be drawn between advanced decision-making AI algorithms and Self -aware artificial intelligence.

To reinforce this team, the Aurora Arcology is happy to welcome Dr Norzal Mokan and his team of scientists. This will provide a great boost in our development of AI-based algorithms. The main purpose for now is development of medical expertise AI's. The reason to this is that so far we have very few medical experts on staff, despite the increasing number of people living at the Aurora Arcology. To assist them, plans are to develop Medical AI-assistants (AIMEDs).
With the help of renowned scientist Dr N. Mokan, we should be able to produce reliable and trustable AIMEDs for our medical staff. In turn this will help shortening the waitlist for treatments & surgeries.

This will also assist the Arcology staff in screening possible colonists. As people who live planetside require a strong health, a medical check is required to pass the selection procedure. With Dr N. Mokan's team of scientists we'll be able to produce specialized AI routines that assist with this selection. In turn this will help us deliver more colonists to Ayem, enhancing the colonisation.

Notification: Aurora Arcology Authorities are aware on the ban of researching Self-Aware AI and we do not condone any research or effort into this field. Our AI research is focused on developing advanced AI assistants and put blocks where needed to prevent a Self-Aware AI to arise.

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