Saturday 12 October 2013

New Arrivals: Once more 11.000 refugees are accepted!

It's my pleasure as CEO to announce that once more 11.000 refugees found shelter in the Aurora Arcology Project! The continious succes is by the work of all involved, from the people working happily in the Arcology to the capsuleers who rescue and deliver refugees from deep space to the Arcology. It's with your help we can save so many lives from poverty and ruin. All inhabitants of theAurora Arcology like thank those who gave them the opportunity for this new life.

As mentioned in an earlier publication, the continious population growth made us aware of future concerns about avaible space. Rest assured that this issue has been resolved after negotiations with 4TH District. The colonyworld Ayem has been approved to expanded settlement wich shall prevent any form of overpopulation in the near future at the Arcology.
To prepare and train willing colonists, the Aurora Council has set up a new department a few weeks ago. This department will be called Gattaca and is in charge of all colonial affairs, the colonist selectionprocedure and subsequent training.
The first selection of colonists is already being trained in preparation for the Ayem colony expansion.

Now onward, to unveil this week's new arrivals at the Aurora Station:

Regular Civilians

-303 Homeless
-769 Janitors
-30 Prisoners (Part of the Prison Lend-Lease Program)
-147 Refugees
-29 Science Graduates
-18 Scientists
-20 Stranded Pilots
-5870 Tourists
-26 Freed Slaves


-96 Hounds

Law Enforcement additions

-4717 Marines
-1 Mercenary Pilot
-470 Militants
-119 Slavers (Part of the Redemption Program)

New employees for L'Etoile Rouge Nightclub:

-100 Female Exotic Dancers
-70 Male Exotic Dancers

New Councilmembers

-Lazron Kamon (Datafile: AI & Drone Expert)

Currently, only the Expert team is on Ayem, puting up a report to evaluate the future of the colony and the requirements to prepare it for large-scale human habitation. More news on this will arrive in due time.

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