Tuesday 22 October 2013

Rock out! The famous Heavy Metal Rockband Quantum Entanglement will perform at the Arcology!

Due to the great diversity of the Aurora population, a large variety of small scale events are organized for entertainment, from marketfairs to artshows. However, once in a while, the Council manages to attract a more famous artist or event. In such cases, even attendants from beyond will come to enjoy it.

Now the council managed to outdo themselves and were able to make the famous heavy metal rockband Quantum Entanglement make a stop at the Aurora Arcology. Despite the high admission prices to cover the cost of this event, it already shapes up to be a smash succes!

The show at the Arcology will be given at 2 November at 20h Eve-time. Any non-Arcology attendants will be required to pass a security check so they're required to reserve their tickets well in advance.
If any capsuleer wishes to visit the show, please let the Arcology Authorities know, so special precautions can be taken, to assure their safety out of pod.

The Quantum Entanglement band will sing and rock out their hitsongs, but will also cover some smash eve hits like: I'm in a Rokh, from the Galaxy Punks and Jita Burns! from Alienhand! The show will display grand background screens to accompany the music with appropriate footage. So ladies and gentlemen, you'll be in for quite the ride at the Quantum Entanglement Heavy metal Rock Show! Come and join the crowd and rock out!

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