Wednesday 2 October 2013

Outcome of the Colony Survey Report

The Colonial Committee has been working hard, analyzing the propositions we received and also sought out for ourselves.
In the end, 3 serious candidates were left:

 Highsec system, selected as the colonies & settlements suffered greatly during the Sansha's Nation strikes a few years back, leading to one planet becoming entirely depopulated. Most secure and existing infrastructure. However also most regulations and possible competitions from other Corporations who might attempt to disrupt it economically.

-Eos Corporation:
They offered to assist the Aurora Arcology in building up a colony in the lowsec region they planned to settle. Lowsec has fewer regulations but also higher risks. The backing of Eos was a great plus in this, together with Concord's announcement for additional deployable structures and expanding known deployable rights to capsuleers.

-4TH District:
This organisation has their base in Providence where they build an addition to the State. Building a colony-infrastructure is part of this. As we heared of this, we contacted their diplomats, who were open to the idea. They already had an old colony that they wanted to develop further and during talks it was mentioned we could get custody over this world. While it is indeed in Nullsec, the 4TH District maintains a firm control over the security there.

The endconclusion ultimately fell on 4TH District.
Umokka was turned down due to the enormous bureaucracy and costs required to maintain control over a developed planet in State space, with the risk of being bought out by one of the Mega's.
The Eos Corporation offer was very tempting, but declined as it was in Gallente space, and then we would risk open conflict, as we're not in high standing with the Federation, due to our State aligned charity.

4TH District was chosen as they are building an addition to the State, and the Aurora Arcology wishes to assist in this endeavour by expanding the colony-infrastructure. As it is in nullsec space we would also get alot of freedom in developing the planet, not hampered by Concord regulations. After exploring the 4TH District region, the Colonial Committee came to the same conclusion as the 4TH District experts, I-MGAB II, better known as Ayem is the best place for a settlement, as all other temperate worlds had lesser beneficial statistics for long term colonisation.

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