Sunday 24 November 2013

Over 20.000 immigrants join the Aurora Arcology!

It's indeed correct! This week has seen the greatest influx of new Arcology inhabitants since early YC115!
In a single week we smashed all immigration records ever since we went public. Part of this increase in numbers can be attributed to the large amount of people we rescued from the freighterwreck in Uedama. As some of you may have noted, that newsreport was apparently blank. This was due to a reorganisation within the Aurora News Department.
Due to continued complains about spelling-errors, the old editors got fired and replaced. In an act of disobedience, they sabotaged the last newsreport. This has now been corrected! The new editors also ran a check through all newsreports, eliminating almost all remaining spellingerrors & layoutissues.

The Aurora Arcology Project also received support from Steffanie Saissore, head of The Order of The Ebon Rose. In her quest to help orphans, she also ran into adults seeking a new life, and through us, she can offer it to those people as well!

Now onward to reveal the immigrants who joined the Aurora Arcology this week!

Regular Civilians

-700 Homeless
-2904 Janitors
-120 Refugees
-10546 Tourists
-689 Freed Slaves


-96 hounds

Law Enforcement additions

-5506 Marines
-10 Militants
-68 Slavers (Part of the Redemption Program)

Employees for the nightclub L'Etoile Rouge

-970 Female Exotic Dancers
-10 Male Exotic Dancers

We like to alert all our readers who want to support us to do so, every refugee matters here at the Aurora Arcology! Providing additional information on how they were rescued or from where helps us greatly in improving their integration into society.
Show the people of New Eden that not all capsuleers are solely out for murder and mayhem, but that there's also plenty of capsuleers who help build a better world, in their own way!

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