Monday 18 November 2013

Workings of the Aurora Arcology: The News Department


The Aurora News started as a local news agency to employ some of the refugees. Originally it was founded to inform it's residents of what was going on in the Arcology and to give them more insight in some of the decisions of the CEO.
A few months ago, Aurora News was renamed to Aurora Arcology News. The namechange came to be due to the fact the Arcology now published to the Capsuleer Network. This was done on decision of the CEO Ymladris to inform supportive capsuleers about the workings of the Arcology and to report on the influx of refugees into the facility.

History of the News Department

Under the name Aurora Arcology News, the first public article for capsuleers was published on 31 august Y115, informing them on the workings of the Arcology. The first few newsreports were all in the same vein, giving more information about the workings of the Arcology and the groups of refugees that joined the Aurora Arcology Project.
With the publisment of the newsarticle about the Molden heath Refugees, a new step was taken in the newsagency. This was the first newsreport about events beyond the Arcology, but it was still tightly tied to the Project as it was about the rescue of a refugeegroup. However this newsreport was a small hit among capsuleers and residents alike, so effort was made to provide more of these refugee rescue reports.
For the next two months, the Aurora Arcology News Agency published news about the Arcology project and rescued refugees. Reader attendance had now stabilized at a higher level thanks to the rescuereports, who were enjoyed by it's readers.
One of the highlights in this period was the publishment of the Ayem Colony Project, an expansion of the Aurora Arcology Project. The responses recieved on this showed people & capsuleers alike, even in this age love stories about pushing the frontier and living at the fringes of civilisation.

At the end of october, things changed however. This was due to a report on the Elokur Trial Protests and it's conclusion. This was the first report that focused more on capsuleers and their actions rather then the Arcology itself.
These newsreports where a big hit among the readership. Turns out actions of demigods; for good or evil; always interest people. With this, the Aurora Arcology News shifted it's focus from Arcology centered news only to include newsarticles that involved events with large capsuleer presence in Empire Space.
A month later, another capsuleer event placed the Aurora Arcology News in the center of attention! This was the report about the Call to arms, where the Navy commanders failed to support capsuleers. Capsuleers spread the infolink to friends and corpmates of theirs, who in turn shared it. Quickly the attention gathered for this newsreport outshined all previous reports.
Due to the massive public viewage recieved, a decision was made to change the name of the newsdepartement to reflect it's new course. From now on, the department was called Aurora News Network, to indicate that from now on, capsuleer news would gain preference above local news. This was done to accomodate the greatly increased readership!

Current status, and the future of Aurora News Network

With all the recent events, the News department has called on capsuleers to help them inform of future events, so they can publish newsreports on it. Also, any capsuleer who has a rescue story to go with the transferred refugees is welcome to share, so the notion of 'evil capsuleers' is combatted.
Currently the focus lies on capsuleer events and publishing information about the Arcology project and refugee rescue reports. What the future will bring is unclear. However readers, rest assured that the News department will continue to expand and change itself to accomodate you and to deliver news that matters!

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