Thursday 21 November 2013

The Uedama Tragedy

Marooned in Space

Our transportship, the Jolly Roger was doing its daily duty, picking up refugees who wanted to join the Aurora Arcology. During its journey, it passes through the Uedama system, a dangerous system for transportships of all sizes. As it was about to clear the Sivala Gate, a freighterwreck was spotted on the overview.
Quickly the Jolly Roger changed course, to check for surviving crew. As they inspect the wreck, they make a shocking discovery! Thousands of people are still alive in one of the unbreached bulkheads! Apparently, whoever blew up the freighter had no interest in those poor people and abandoned them in space...
After informing the Aurora Council, the transportship starts the rescue-operation immediatly. Despite reprimands of Concord for 'stealing' from a wreck we don't 'own', the operation is a succes as the last of the marooned people boards our transport. After this, the Jolly Roger made way to the nearest station, so the crew could check on the people, to see if they're all fine. Many of them are in shock as they felt the freighter exploding and heared bulkheads ripping, killing thousands of less fortunate souls than them.
As the rescued civilians recover from their situation, they express their gratitude and agree to join the Aurora Arcology, as they are immigrants from various regions, seeking a better life in the State.

In total, the Jolly Roger rescued 4639 civilians from the marooned wreck.
-4342 Tourists
-40 Refugees
-157 Marines
-60 Janitors
-30 Homeless
-10 freed Slaves

A tragic event

The above mentioned freighter-tragedy ended in a happy end for the survivors. However, such tragedies are not a rarity in Uedama, a system notorious for it's thugs that prey on unarmed ships.
Early in Y115, Caroline Grace, one of our big supporters, was piloting a freighter carrying thousands of refugees to the Aurora Arcology. During this trip she entered the Uedama system. As she exits the jumpgate, a group of cowardly thugs open fire on her defenseless ship. Concord retaliated, but alas it was too late... the freighter explodes... The attack was so brutal and so fast that those aboard never stood a chance of survival... Under impulse of capsuleer Caroline Grace, a rescue-operation was started against the odds, but to no avail. None had survived this terrible tragedy... Thousands of innocent lives lost, in the blink of an eye...
Now, every time one of our transports pass the Uedama system, a moment of silence is held, to remember those who died that day.

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