Friday 29 November 2013

Scientists & graduates needed to enhance Vaccine Production.

One of the main sources of income for the Aurora Arcology is the production and trading of medicines and vaccines. As the Aurora project became more widely known, our medical sales increased greatly.
We're now at the point that we seek out medical graduates & scientists to assist in the production and enhancement of existing medicines and vaccines, and to develop and produce entirely new ones.

The Aurora Arcology medical facility currently produces these medicines and vaccines:
-General Antibiotics
-General Vaccine injectors
-Zemnar Medicine
-Galeptos Medicine

With additional medical graduates & scientists new medicines can be developed, and existing medicines can be enhanced & produced in a more efficient way!
Capsuleers have assisted us this week as they helped refugees. Arista Shahni has rescued several Medical graduates from deep space and they were happy to join the Arcology and be employed in their field of work.
We thank everyone who gives refugees of all varieties a new start in life at the Aurora Arcology!

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