Monday 31 March 2014

Ducia Foundry profits on the decline due to Capsuleer competition!

The Ducia Foundry is an Imperial Amarr mining corporation, specialized in dangerous mining operations. They send out heavily armed mining expeditions to areas no other mining corporation would go.
For a long time this meant they had a near monopoly on rare minerals extracted from the edge of civilised space and even from deep space. The only noticeable competitor they had during this time was Outer Ring Excavations (ORE) , who laid claim on the resource rich region Outer Ring in lawless space.

However, in the last decade they received heavy competition from Capsuleers, causing a decline in revenue. These eggers often venture into dangerous areas to exploit these resources, becoming a direct & powerful competitor to Ducia Foundry. Adding to the competition was the fact many capsuleers switched more and more to the ORE line of mining ships, reinforcing their main competitor.
The mining expeditions of Ducia Foundry faced increasing difficulties in finding belts not yet claimed by capsuleers to mine.

When Wormholes opened up, they hoped to capitalize on these uncharted systems by being among the first to send out expedition teams into these unknown systems. However misfortune followed them, and their expedition team was attacked and destroyed by Sansha's Nation.
Further development on wormhole development cut them out fully, as capsuleers spearheaded the exploitation of these systems.

Due to the above mentioned reasons, it should come as no surprise that Ducia Foundry has encountered its first reduction in profits since half a decade, as published here: Imperial mining outfit posts first quarter slump in profit. In retrospect, it's surprising their profit remained up for so long despite heavy capsuleer competition, a testimony to this mining corporation's dedication.
Unfortunately, as they are in direct competition with capsuleers, it is expected this downturn of profits will continue, until they find a way to adapt to the shifting focus on capsuleers for dangerous mining operations

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