Thursday 13 March 2014

This week sees over 11.000 immigrants joining the Arcology Project!

This week has been a busy but good week for the Aurora Project. The Aurora News Agency received alot of good criticism lately for their published stories, the Aurora Project keeps welcoming refugees on a continuous basis and the Ayem colony project looks to be a great success!

The newsfeed 'Shrouded in mystery, the Jovian race' proves to be a phenomenal success to our readers and it's climbing to the top of our most read articles already! This article was published to give our readers more insight into the Jovians and give people a list of their activities the past few years. Looking at the skyrocketing views this publishment has seen, this information was in high demand!
Thanks to all readers who shared this article with their friends!

The Ayem Colony project is in full swing, and the reports we receive from management all sound very good. Due to the massive backing of 4TH District, it seems the Administration center and the planned infrastructure works will be done sooner than expected! A great show of Caldari efficiency!

This week we received alot of direct capsuleer support, with people being rescued from pirate bases and capsuleers transferring over the groups of civilians they had in their care, recognizing our skill in handling refugees & immigrants seeking a better life. We like to thank all those who trust the Aurora Arcology project. It's with your contribution that we can keep growing and make a positive change in the Eden cluster!

Now onward to this week's immigration roster!

Regular Civilians

-819 Homeless
-2069 Janitors
-216 Refugees
-10 Science Graduates
-4 Scientists (Datafile: Scientists rescued from Serpentis Pirates!)
-3475 Tourists
-589 Freed Slaves


-473 Hounds

Law Enforcement

-5 Caldari Light Marines
-389 Freedom Fighters
-3593 Marines
-90 Militants
-27 Slavers (Part of the Redemption Program)

Employees for the Nightclub L'Etoile Rouge

-10 Female Exotic Dancers
-560 Male Exotic Dancers

-1 VIP

All in all, it's been a good week for us! With thanks to our supporters & contributors!

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