Monday 10 March 2014

Scientists rescued from Serpentis Pirates!

Several days ago, capsuleer Riyria Twinpeaks located and engaged a Serpentis research facility. As she was combating the pirates, a distress signal was received from the facility.
Once the area was cleared, she sent in a small boarding crew to inspect who sent the distress signal. After a short search, four scientists were discovered in hiding. They were captured and pressed into illegal booster-research by the Serpentis pirates. During the chaos of the battle they managed to successfully sent a distress signal to Capsuleer Twinpeaks to get her attention.

As it was likely more Serpentis would show up, no time was wasted in evacuating them. Once the scientists were safely aboard, she set course for the nearest station.
Once docked, contact was set up with  Aurora Arcology Project representatives in order to give the rescued scientists a safe shelter. Once our representatives guaranteed the safety of these scientists, all was setup to transfer them over, in order to help them recover from their ordeal. I thank capsuleer Twinpeaks for her trust in our refugee project

Due to the nature of their research, it's unlikely the Serpentis will just let them go, so our security forces and intel department are on alert.

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