Monday 17 March 2014

Tragedy at Uedama


Uedama is a dangerous system for most transport ships due to two reasons. One, it's a 0.5 security system, meaning Concord takes it's time to arrive after a capital offense is committed. Two, it lies on a crossroad of trade routes to various trade hubs. Combined, these two reasons mean that there's a high risk of pirates and thugs waiting at the gates, praying on defenseless transports carrying expensive goods to raid & plunder.
It's not the first time we report on this dangerous system, as can be seen in this report: 'The Uedama Tragedy' Sadly, this report tells about a similar event...
In the cold dark...
As my blockade-runner 'The Last Dance' entered Uedama, I noticed a freigher wreck nearby. Scans indicated there was still something or someone in the hold.
Upon closer inspection, it turns out one of the unbreached bulkheads of the destroyed freighter holds over 8000 civilians! As I don't know how long it's been drifting in the cold dark of space, a rescue-operation is immediately initiated!
As Concord berates us for 'stealing from someone's property', the first 3000 board our transport rapidly. As I set course for the nearest station, my crew asks the remaining survivors to prepare themselves for a very speedy boarding on our return.
Once docked, the civilians & refugees aboard disembark, along with a part of the crew. Unwilling to risk more lives than necessary, I decide to pick up the last 5000+ survivors with a minimal crew. Once undocked to commence the second part of the rescue, I activate the advanced covert cloak device and engage the warpdrive...
Upon approaching the wreck, the cloak is kept active as not to alert any thugs or pirates in the area as I'm flagged by Concord for 'stealing'. Once close enough to the wreck, the cloak is deactivated and a connection is made. As the crew assist the civilians on coming aboard as quickly as possible, I verify my alignment, making sure I can warp as soon as possible once all are aboard.
An exempt form the rescue-event:
*Captain, all are aboard! You are free to jump!*
*Roger that, engaging warp in 3..*
- Alert! Alert! Hostile ship is targeting us!-
*Dammit, 2 seconds! Go faster!*
-Warning! Hostile ship fired! Shields critical!-
*1 second to go, please hold on just a little longer...*
-Warp drive engaged! Jumping!-
That was close... Got out alive, with a mere 10% of my shields left. Not a professional pirate, else we'd be all dead. Undoubtedly the inertial stabs helped me in preventing the warpdrive being shut down. As my blockade-runner docks at the station, I use the free time to calm the rescuees as much as I can. The screeching sound of gunfire striking the shields did make the survivors panic. Quite understandable after what happened to their freighter-transport...
Once fully docked, a quick survey is held across the rescuees, to check if they're fine and if any are in need of immediate medical attention. As it turns out, they were immigrants coming from Amarr space, seeking a new life in the State. Upon this reveal, they've been offered a place to stay at the Arcology and to get their new lives a good start.
Overjoyed with this proposal on what was a dark day for them, they accept.
 In total 8012 civilians (Tourists) were saved from certain death in the cold dark of space! Sadly, it's doubtful they'll be the last...
So to all who read this, I urge you to take precautions when you cross Uedama in a transport ship, either tank it, or have someone gather intel for you before you jump in! Or just not carry enough valuable cargo to make it worthwhile for these thugs & pirates to raid & plunder your ship.
Always remember, Concord does not protect, Concord retaliates!

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