Thursday 8 January 2015

Capsuleers deal a serious blow to 'De-Minmatarization' - program!


Once again, Nauplius steps into the spotlights with a new inhuman idea, the 'De-Minmatarization Project'. The idea behind this is to remove any 'minmatar' marks, be they physical, genetic, cranial & psychological from his subjects.
As if this wasn't enough, Nauplius assured the procedures will be as agonizing as needed, to 'purify' them for his 'Red God',,, Sadly, in his goal, he received assistance in the form of capsuleer Wendrika Hydreiga who studies the removal of 'Minmatar' genetic markers through her research project 'Heart Ribbon'.

Bolstered by this nightmarish research, Nauplius announced that a new facility was erected, dedicated to 'de-minmatarizing' his subjects..., a true Terror Tower station...  Horrified by this, many capsuleers demanded action to be taken! And action followed swiftly, as capsuleer Spyra Gryra located this Terror Tower in the Sifilar system and shared it with the rest of the capsuleers!

The first attack on the Terror Tower

As capsuleers responded in horror to Nauplius' announcement, the capsuleer organisation Pyre Falcon Defense & Security (PYRE) silently launched a combat fleet to initiate the first strike on this terror facility.
Thanks to the publicly shared location and Pyre Falcon's reputation in battle, they had no difficulties reaching their destination. Once they arrived at the Tower's location, the Pyre Fleet opened fire and whittled down its shields.

However, as Sifilar is a warzone system in lowsec, hostiles were bound to arrive. Two capsuleers from the Minmatar militia arrived on grid, forcing the Pyre Falcon bombers to cloak up & radio for backup.
During this, Anyanka Funk arrived on grid and got promptly destroyed by the roaming Minmatar militia ships, creating a welcome distraction for the cloaked fleet.
A short time later, one of their allies in the Amarr militia arrived and chased off the two combat ships. Thanks to this intervention, Pyre could resume the bombardment of the Tower of Terror. No further disruptions occurred, allowing the Pyre bombers to finish their job efficiently, putting the Tower in reinforced mode.

Indeed, just a few hours after Nauplius' announcement, his 'De-Minmatarization'-facility was already put in reinforced by the battle hardened capsuleers of Pyre Falcon! Now it would only be a formality to destroy the tower when it comes out of reinforced.
Or it would have been... If not for the backlash Pyre received after it wads revealed that they put the tower in reinforced mode...

Concerns & reputation

It's a public secret that Pyre Falcon recruits capsuleers based on their value in combat, often ignoring the recruit's questionable background.
This is what caused the backlash against Pyre Falcon, despite their swift & decisive operation that put the Tower in reinforced mode. Many capsuleers expressed their concerns to what fate the rescued people would face if taken by Pyre Falcon. This concern was fueled by various high profile members in Pyre being former Sansha loyalists & Angel Cartel capsuleers.

The assurance that Pyre Falcon would turn over the rescuees to humanitarion organisations didn't calm down the commotion and eventually lead in an official announcement from Pyre that they would withdraw from further actions against Nauplius' Terror Tower.
In the end, the reputation of some of their high profile members was too much for most capsuleers. But who would take control now?

The second attack on the Tower of Terror

In the end, it is Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris (PIE) once again that saves the day. Under guidance of Luitenant Samira Kernher of PIE, she amassed a fleet composed of PIE members & supporters who wanted to see Nauplius' reign of terror end.
This final attack went along in much the same way as the first. The fleet engaged the Tower, slowly bringing it down with their firepower. No significant force showed up to thwart this attempt as well. However, capsuleer Anyanka Funk did arrive multiple times on the battlefield, sometimes with ships, sometimes just as a pod. Due to her Blood Raider history & her motive being unknown, the Fleet shot her down each time she arrived, assuring the safety of everyone involved, or almost everyone...
Despite these continued interventions, the Terror facility eventually exploded under the relentless attacks!

The PIE Fleet suffered one casualty, I-RED representative Makoto Priano got shot down during the operation by Pyre Falcon Pilots. While Makoto Priano tried to keep it quiet as she didn't want to create more drama then already existed, this action came to light nonetheless to the general audience through other members of her corporation, fueling the sentiment against Pyre Falcon.


Despite the successful destruction of previous towers, as reported in 'Blood Raider Temple taken down!', Nauplius continues his horrific practices of terrorizing his minmatar slaves.
While he is slowly gaining supporters, the outrage against his actions is still strong, assuring a swift takedown of his facilities once he announces them!
Especially the Amarr capsuleers are on the front row to grab a ship and blow his latest facilities to smithereens!

Check here for the latest Tower destruction: Terror Tower destruction confirmed

However, the backlash that Pyre Falcon received shows that attacking Nauplius' installations isn't an automatic goodwill token for people to forget about certain members with questionable allegiances.
The incident involving the loss of the I-RED bomber at the second attack will only reinforce the belief that Pyre Falcon cannot be trusted.
Do note that at no point, Pyre Falcon didn't do anything wrong following the letter of the law, as both had each other set to hostile standings & in lowsec, so by strict applying of rules, combat between the two was inevitable once they shared the same battlegrid.

In my view, the destruction of the I-RED bomber during the Tower engagement was unnecessary, as Pyre Falcon could have waited till either the Tower was down, or it had left the battlefield.
In the end, sometimes a situation requires a bending of the rules for a greater good. Stopping Nauplius from continuing his horrific rituals & experiments on innocent people ranks highly as one such situation.

However, a Pyre Falcon member did raise a good point among all the commotion, namely: 'I'm getting a whole lot of "We will be happy to aid with the refugees" and not enough "We will help you blow up the bad guy" here'
Capsuleers often tumble over each other, offering to take care of the refugees, but are much less forthcoming in lending combat assistance. This isn't a new observation either. This point was also brought up during the previous operations against Nauplius.
In the end, all fleets that were sent against Nauplius' towers always had some form of transport to help carry the rescued captives, assuring their survival. In all cases, PIE was involved in the destruction of these 3 towers & thereby took care of the people they rescued from his grasp.
Offering to help the refugees is a good thing, but often, the fleets sent against Nauplius are more helped by some extra capsuleers piloting combat ships, assuring less exposure to hostile fleets during the tower battle. Even if you only can fly small frigates, your help is more then welcome!

However, to think that Nauplius will back down on his 'De-Minmatarization' - program after this setback is naive, as he no longer is alone in his belief to purge the Minmatar from the cluster... The destruction of his previous temples didn't stop him either, so be ready for any future facilities that he'll construct. It is unknown what he has planned for the future, but caution is advised. Keep an eye on him and his corporation, if only to save as many slaves from his grasp and cruel torments as possible!

A big thanks to all who shared information about this attack on Nauplius' De-Minmatarization center!

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