Saturday 31 January 2015

Gallente President Jacus Roden is elected for a second term

In a Federation wide broadcast, watched by trillions, Head Senator Andon Gardieu announced that current President Jacus Roden has won the elections, allowing him to serve a second term as Gallente President.
Looking at the polling results, it was mainly between two candidates, Jacus Roden & Shaileen Ramnev! Celes Aguard didn't even get to play a footnote in the voting result, a stark contrast from her previous Presidential election campaign.

The voting results are:

President Jacus Roden: 54,2%
Freedom Fighter Shaileen Ramnev: 39,7%
Artist Kelen Ontbad: 5,1%
The 3 other candidates combined (Celes Aguard, Eliaron Idama and Serena Nova): 1%

One can only speculate to what happened to the once strong backing of Celes Aguard, it seems most of her former supporters went for Shaileen Ramnev!
Regarding the victory of Jacus Roden, it isn't so surprising as it looks, as he has a strong appeal to two voter blocks within the Federation, namely the Hawks & Vultures, which gave him a great advantage in this current presidential voting campaign.

On the other hand, the strong support for the new candidate Shaileen Ramnev does show there's a strong contigent of Gallente who desires a more peaceful approach regarding Gallente-Caldari relations. This hints that her main supporters was the Dove voter bloc.

The last two blocks are the most finicky. The Magpies are the ones most suggestive to propaganda, so can be easily convinced to vote for a candidate to secure them against 'Caldari aggressors' as the Militia Conflict still rages on.
The Ostriches on the other hand don't care much for external politics, but all the more about internal politics that might affect their lives. Generally apathetic to vote, candidates can't simply ignore them, because if they catch wind of a candidate trying to take away their privileges, he's in for a rough time at the elections!

For more info regarding the candidates, you can check this article: 'Gallente Presidential elections have begun!'
The official announcement of President Jacus Roden electoral victory can be found in this Scope report: 'Breaking news! Roden succes in bid for second term!' 

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