Thursday 22 January 2015

Arek'Jaalan needs YOU!

Leadership & organisation status

After the voting to reorganize the Arek'Jaalan organisation fell in an impasse despite the hard work of Joe Themachine, anr impulsive call was made to turn Arek'Jaalan into a more open ended platform for science & research regarding wormholes, with a coordinator to keep an eye on things. A flurry of positive responses followed this call.
All in all, the new & more open form should help bringing new people in & give them a voice as well! While there's still alot to be resolved, mainly a place to better document our findings, it has been more active again.
Once again people are contributing into sharing their findings & analyzing the outcomes, once again advancing our knowledge!
Do note, thanks to the effort put in by people, various findings & observations have already been made & have been shared with the public, you can find these here: The Arek'Jaalan Prometheus Seminar

In short, Arek'Jaalan is now a platform where scientists & explorers can share their findings on wormholes, Sleepers, Seekers and various (in)directly involved subjects in order to find correlations or exclude them.
Thanks to this shift in approach, alot more people can contribute easier to the Arek'Jaalan project! To be part of it, you can join the channel & mailinglist, both named Arek'Jaalan.
To read up on past achievements of Arek'Jaalan & all the data they gathered, you can start reading here: Arek'Jaalan archive. Lots of information to be found here regarding the ancient races & wormholes!

But how can you contribute? Well there's plenty of research left to do on various subjects & collecting info regarding wormholes & sleepers!

Experiments to run!

There's a few experiments to do in order to verify or denounce recent findings. For now, there's two experiments in the list!

-Energizing an unidentified cloaked structure

Capsuleer Feu dAstres wants to collect a fleet of ships to overload a cloaked structure by transferring energy to it. If no results occur, neuts will be deployed to deplete the structure of energy. While this has been done before, it was mainly on an individual level. Perhaps a fleet boosting/draining energy will have an effect!
You can read his announcement here: Unidentified structure: an attempt to cause a change in cloaking The event will occur on Sunday 25 January. Edit, experiment is conducted, results can be found here 'The Athinard Science Expedition'

-Testing drone behaviour against Seekers

Reports keep flooding in about drones behaving oddly around Seekers in combat but not much consistency in it.
In short, drones seem to stop attacking their assigned target at random intervals & then resume attacking on random Seeker targets. This makes it hard to make drones focus fire on a single Seeker.
As far as we know, this drone behaviour is unique when fighting Seekers.
Some things to try: ECM the Seekers: does it still jumble the drone targeting or can they keep on target if Seekers are jammed?
Note, sentries are not affected by this apparently!

-Other experiments

Got suggestions? Lets hear them! Join the Arek'Jaalan channel to discuss possibilities.

Research to be done!

There's always the ongoing search to verify or denounce assumptions & theories to advance our knowledge regarding wormholes, Sleepers & Seekers & anything related.

-The Search for Hilen Tukoss

This is still ongoing. From the last message we had from him (The third message) it has been derived he is/was being held captive in a Wolf-Rayet system, possibly in a wormhole. Wolf-Rayet systems are systems where the central star is a blue giant star.
For anyone travelling in such wormhole systems, keep an eye out for any oddities, from a derelict ship to an unusual site.
You can contact Trii Seo for more details regarding this search or if you found something that might be relevant (do document your findings, images help alot!)

-Hypothesis to be challenged

So far, all unidentified cloaked structures have been located within 300.000 km of a planet. To narrow it down, they are all within 200.000 to 300.000 km from the planet.
No other correlation has been found with the structures (planetary orbits, sun types, distance from star , none of those seem to matter)
The significance of this is unknown so far, but do keep looking. If you find an unidentified structure further away from the nearest planet then 300.000 Km or closer then 200.000 Km, report it. State it's location & share it so others can verify your find!

-Seekers in systems without Unidentified cloaked structures on overview

Lately, seekers are spotted more in systems without a cloaked structure in overview. Regarding their change in behaviour lately, it's important to find out what draws them there. Is it systems that had cloaked structures in the past (and are now cloaked, preventing us to see them on our overview)? Or do they have something else in common?

-Collect detailed information about the Sleeper cache sites, standard & superior version

 These sites might hold clues to many mysteries & secrets. There exists a detailed analysis of the small sleeper cache sites that gave us a deeper insight in sleeper tech.
Hopefully an equally detailed analysis of the larger sites can reveal some more answers. Images of the structures & their descriptions can be valuable!

-Continue to observe the Seekers & Unidentified cloaked structures

Stay alert to any changes of behaviour they might display, considering we know so little, every info is valuable! Make sure to document your findings if able, either through logs or images!

Science to do!

And there's the important task of collecting data in order to be able to do research, experiment, analyze & theorize about Wormholes, Jove, Sleeper, Seekers and more!
The list of things you could investigate for info is extensive, so hopefully there's a subject that picks your interest!

-Explore the Shattered wormholes, keep an eye out for any clues that might have ties to the various races & factions

-Explore Thera & document the various sites, stations & interesting ruins.
You can use the Eve scout map to find an easy access into Thera.
Capsuleer Aven Heleneto is the person to contact for assistance into Thera research & documentation

-Find out more about the Sisters of Eve and their link with wormholes; Also, try to determine what the purpose of the Thera colonization was, the various stations & their ruins have left behind curious hints.

-Observe the activity of the Society of Conscious Though. they have sov in Geminate with a Station in the FZD4-A system. They are one of the few organisations with a direct link to the Jove, whom we heared nothing from in years, not even a peep when their gate network got blasted into oblivion after the supernova that was Caroline's Star.
Perhaps activity or clues in SoCT space could give a hint, it's a far shot, but people who enjoy a nullsec challenge got something to work with.

-Find out more about Sansha's Nation's link to the shattered wormholes. Also investigate the wormholes they occupied, document what you find & share. Are these the wormhole staging systems people have sought after since the Nation attacks began?
Who attacked & drove out Nation from the shattered wormholes?

-Investigate the link between Sleepers & Seekers
While both use similar architecture for their ships, there's also alot that sets them apart. Seekers by example scan various objects, use shields but are fragile & have weak weapons.
On the other side you have the Sleepers, relentless guardians who possess great firepower & are resilient, yet don't use classic shield technology to protect them.
To better understand the link between these two would also assist us in knowing what we're dealing with regarding to the Seekers, are they merely Sleeper scouts, or are they something more, something new that they released on us?

-Re-evaluate the Sleeper-Talocan connection based on recent findings in shattered wormholes. There's apparently more intact Talocan structures there, along with less Sleeper presence, why? And what does it mean?

-Analyze old findings & structures in regular wormholes, recent developments might put a new light to old information retrieved.

-Jove, what happened to them?
Their silence is deafening, especially if you consider they just got their gate network shut down, presumably by the after-effects of Caroline's Star. There's many theories & even more speculation, but so far no hard evidence to what caused the Jove silence.
The last known Jove contact was a message relayed by Concord, informing the cluster that nation had been kicked out Jove space 4 years ago, ever since there has been silence...

-More things!
Of course there's more things to look into! If you stumble on something interesting or got an idea to share, feel free to join the Arek'Jaalan channel to share & discuss!

Making a note here!

As you can see, quite the vast undertaking, so any assistance you can provide is appreciated by the Arek'Jaalan project!
You can participate by joining the channel & mailinglist Arek'Jaalan.
There's also a list of contact persons who can assist you. They can preview your findings & observations if you like or just help you regarding questions you have.

Arek'Jaalan contact list
Coordinator Frenjo Borkstar
Arek'Jaalan Archivist Morwen Lagann
Public Relations Jandice Ymladris
Non-lawful Leopold Caine
Hilen Tukoss search Trii Seo
Thera assistance Aven Heleneto
Gallente representative Julianus Soter

This list will be updated with additional contacts, in order to offer people a better service regarding science & investigations in all matters regarding wormholes, sleepers, seekers & related!

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