Friday 16 January 2015

Ishukone-Raata boosts Black Rise economy

Short summary of Black Rise region history

Originally, Black Rise was a 'wall' between the Federation & the State, a region that couldn't be developed due to a strange phenomenon causing the loss of a large amount of ships in an attempt to scout this tactically important region.
However, as technology marched on, the State patriot megacorps found ways to circumvent this dangerous anomaly in the region and began developing this region in secret through small scale development programs.
Despite the mineral richness of the area, it was barely exploited, as the it was being developed for it's tactical position, offering an excellent waypoint to flank the Federation in the weakly defended but strategic region of Placid that housed the Intaki home system should war ever re-emerge between the two warring states.

When the Militia wars began, the State was forced to reveal the development of Black Rise, taking the Federation by surprise. What happened next is predictable. Due to it's strategic location it became the hotbed of militia activity, offering an easy way into each other territories. He who controls Black Rise could dictate the militia conflict!

The constant struggle in Black Rise was detrimental to it's emerging development, causing many projects to be shut down or reduced. This in turn attracted pirate forces, exploiting the often weakly defended stations & installations in the region. The early report 'Recovered Colonial Task Force' tells the tale of such failed investment.
The remoteness combined with the low development made Black Rise an ideal place for covert Federation organisations to set up their clandestine prison facilities, on which Aurora News reported on several times, see 'Caldari rescued from Black Eagle Prison Camps!' for the latest report on this.
As the militia war raged on, the Black Rise economy collapsed entirely, making even militia items hard to acquire at times.

Black Rise Stability Initiative

In response to the deterioration of Black Rise, the capsuleer alliance Ishuk-Raata Enforcement Directive(I-RED) announced their relocation to this region, in an effort to stabilize it for the State & provide security for it's citizens.
As they deployed their assets in the region, they silently began their Black Rise Stability Initiative (BRSI). I-RED began developing the economy of 3 systems in tactical positions for both the Militia forces & the production industry. These 3 systems are Onnamon, Ichoriya and Samanuni. The shared properties of these systems make them a prime target for economic development & strategic locations to secure the area. These 3 systems all lie close to each other in highsec & all border the lowsec militia conflict areas. Onnamon is especially interesting in this regard due to it's high number of stargates, making it a crossroad for the region!

The first steps of the BRSI project was to increase security of the surrounding systems & to bolster the economy. This was done by enhancing the market for resident State militia forces, providing them with an affordable & stable supply of various required items.
Along with the strengthening of the market, I-RED also expanded the State production infrastructure, establishing several production colonies, offering job-opportunities for the colonial workers!
The development of the Onnamon - Ichoriya - Samanuni triangle offered the State Militia an excellent homebase to strike from against the invading Gallente forces! The only false note in this I-RED development success is Ichoriya, as its lowsec connection remains dominated by the Gallente Militia. Yet, despite this apparent drawback, it is also one of the larger & more stable supply-hubs of the 3 systems!

However, on overall, the development of this particular area of Black Rise by I-RED can be called a success. The stable supply of goods & expanded infrastructure offers the State militia a good base of operations to conduct their operations.
As the Black Rise Stability Initiative project was well received by the Militia, John Revenent of I-RED announced its success & offered a view into the future by revealing the plans to establish a second Free Trade Zone!

Black Rise Free Trade Zone

The next step in the Black Rise development, as envisioned by I-RED will be alot harder, but the pay-off will be equally rewarding!
I-RED first used the Free Trade Zone model in the Intaki system, developing it alongside the Intaki Liberation Front (ILF). This undertaking is marked by two major operations. One is the economic development of the system, providing a full-fledged market hub where one can buy a large variety of goods at competitive prices. Secondary is the securing of the area by suppressing pirate activity, allowing traders & customers to travel freely in the system.
The development of the Intaki Free Trade Zone became a major success, as can be read in this announcement by the ILF: 'All Traders Welcome!'

To repeat this success in Black Rise requires considerable economic & military investment. I-RED is aware of this and is planning accordingly. The assistance of PIE in the BRSI project and the upcoming Black Rise Free Trade Zone has been greatly appreciated by I-RED. Especially two PIE capsuleers, namely Captain Shutaq and Lieutenant Kernher have been crucial in their assistance & advise to establish a more stable economy & security in the area.

For anyone interested in assisting I-RED in the Black Rise Stability Initiative or even helping them in the future establishment of the Black Rise Free Trade Zone, you can either let them know through their announcement here: 'Ishukone-Raata Release [I-RED]: "Black Rise Stability Initiative" ' or contact I-RED representative Makoto Priano with your intent to assist in either the economic development or providing security for the region.

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