Tuesday 13 March 2018

Drifters and Sisters of Eve continue to clash in capsuleer graduation systems

Investigating strange rescuees 

It all began when capsuleer Yun-Hee 'Tight-Lips' Yubari informed the C3SRC (Coordination Channel for Consolidated Space Rescue Cooperation) that she had rescued some survivors.
These rescuees came from wrecks near the State War Academy in Kisogo. They were revealed to be scientists & personnel that were of extreme importance to the Sisters of Eve. The capsuleer also thought this was not a one-time occurance.

As part of C3SRC, Che Biko decided to investigate and his initial research supported Yubari's findings.
But it also revealed a darker truth, it was not limited to the Kisogo system, but these SoE scientists & personnel were being rescued in systems all over New Eden, usually from smaller wrecks. Alas, the culprits behind this odd attacks left no recognizing attack damage patterns. However
But during his investigation, Che Biko stumbled on some SoE survivors himself, allowing him to gain some first hand information from them.
Albeit the rescuees were in great distress, they did told him they were survivors of a Drifter attack, rescued by a capsuleer ship, who then got attacked by others, leaving them stranded again till Che Biko managed to rescued them.
With such turn of events it should come at no surprise that these people are very shaken up & were in no state to pressure for more information,save that they indeed worked for the Sisters of Eve.

Concerned about the wide spread of these attacks, Che Biko started to look into establishing a method on rescuing more survivors. The involvement of the Drifters also caused him to reach out to others to investigate the matter more deeply to find out what is happening here.
Aurora News took up his request & delved deeper into it.
One thing that immediately popped up was that the Aurora Arcology has received similar SoE survivors the past months, helping the investigation greatly.

These SoE survivors all came from capsuleer graduation systems, like Ryddinjorn, Couster, Akiainavas, Pasha and many more. Whatever is happening, it seems to occur at all capsuleer graduation systems.
The survivor stories all align pretty well too, they got rescued by a capsuleer after their ship or installation was attacked by Drifters, sometimes getting a double rescue as their original rescuer lost his ship before he got to safety.
What was less clear was the whole Drifter/SoE angle in all of this. But whatever was going on, it seemed not to involve the empires directly.
Originally our investigations couldn't reveal more then this, until the first damaged Drifter fleets were sighted. This caused all manner of discussions on the Intergalactic Summit and uncovered the background of these continuous Drifter aggression against SoE ships & installations in the Capsuleer Graduation systems.
Below you'll find the outcome of our investigation.

A history of the Drifters presence in the capsuleer graduation systems

It all began when the Sisters of Eve shared their Alpha clone technology with the empires, unlocking capsuleer technology for the masses. However, a splinter group within the Sisters of Eve warned against using it, as it was a result of research on Drifter clones & technology.

The Drifter response on the reveal of Alpha cloning technology: brutal and destructive

And the Drifter response was indeed brutal and far-reaching. They commenced a large-scale attack against research facilities in the 4 empires. This Drifter assault was not limited to the capsuleer graduation systems, but involved many other high security systems across New Eden. The scale of the attack was unprecedented, leading to the destruction of many Navy capitals across the Big Four, showing they were unable to withstand the Drifter advanced technologies. To make matters worse, Drifters were establishing Hives close to the new Alpha Clone stations in the capsuleer graduation systems!
But the Navies regrouped after this initial attack & combined with capsuleer efforts pushed back against the Drifters & took out the newly established Drifter Hives.

The Caldari Navy preparing for the counter-offensive

After this big clash, Drifter activity was reduced to the capsuleer graduation systems, where they continue to clash with the Sister of Eve organisation to this day among the wreckage sites of the initial Drifter attack, often involving the various Navies in these engagements.

The current situation in the graduation systems

Regularly the Sisters of Eve would contact newly graduated capsuleers to rescue their personnel after a Drifter attack and then proceed to direct the new capsuleer against the technologically superior Drifters. That's cold, a capsuleer, just graduated from the academy & with all his hopes, optimism and naivety gets recruited by the Sisters & thrown against the most advanced technological terror this galaxy has to offer. Cold.
Luckily, the newly graduated capsuleer isn't alone in this early adventure. The Navies, always willing to make a good first impression are there to assist them when things get rough.
Normally the military Navy bases are obscured from capsuleer view by CONCORD regulations. However, the military installation in the graduation system is an exception, due to the presence of the capsuleer academy and the continuous Drifter activity.
When the new capsuleer is tasked by the Sisters to take out a Drifter Hive, the Navies are all too eager to assist. Partly because Drifters establishing a foothold in known space is bad news, but also as an attempt to instill some loyalty into the capsuleer for their nation.

A newly established Drifter Hive in a capsuleer graduation system. Do note that these are much weaker then the ones found deep in Anoikis space. Likely these are the Drifter variant of the easily replaced Citadels that wealthy capsuleers can build

Conclusion of the investigation into the SoE rescuees

First things first, these Drifter/Sisters of Eve clashes have nothing to do with the recent damaged Drifter fleet sightings, as the clashes in the graduation systems have happened far before this & are more continuous, not to mention that the Drifter ships involved are not damaged. Also, Drifter/SoE clashes have been reported in wormholes as well, showing that these two have been fighting among each other for a while now.
Moreover, while it is easy to blame the Drifters as aggressors, it's important to note that their attacks are mainly focused on Sister of Eve ships & installations, likely in an attempt to disrupt the alpha cloning process which is a result of SoE research into Drifter clones.

To add to this, the Sisters recruit newly graduated capsuleers to respond to these Drifter attacks, capsuleers who are not yet jaded nor tainted by how harsh life is in the New Eden cluster, filled with misinformation and manipulation.
It's important to keep in mind that the Sisters pursue their own agenda in all of this, often hiding important information & operations from the public and even the Big Four. The best known example: the colonisation of the Thera wormhole system.
Important to note is that veteran capsuleers are not recruited in this fight against the Drifters despite that they are much better placed to fight them due to their skills & expertise. This is also why the continuous Drifter activity in the capsuleer graduation systems has gone largely under the radar as most older capsuleers generally don't pay much attention to what occurs in the capsuleer starting systems.

With this investigation concluded, the Aurora Arcology organisation would call out to all capsuleers to pay attention to wreckage found in the capsuleer graduation systems & inspect them for survivors and bring them to safety. Not only because it is the right thing to do, but also to prevent the Sisters from recruiting yet another newly graduated capsuleer for their covert motives.
If you want to assist in this Search & rescue initiative, you can join the capsuleer channel C3SRC  which is dedicated to rescuing people across New Eden from wreckage and abandoned containers. This rescue initiative is spearheaded by Che Biko.

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  1. Thank you for your assistance in this investigation and the publication of this article. One correction though: Yubari-haani did not turn over the persons she rescued to the C3SRC, she just informed me she had rescued those people.