Friday 2 March 2018

Keeping a Fedo as pet


A few years ago, a new pet hype swept across the cluster, involving keeping fedos as pets. Prior to this, they were mainly used by a minority of the Minmatar & Amarr pilots to keep their ships clean & used in Gallente space in fedo-fighting circuits.
But during the hype, fedo popularity skyrocketed & almost any capsuleer who wanted to be hip, wanted one.
But alas, just as soon, the hype was over once people realized keeping fedos as pets isn't easy & required a high grade of dedication.

Fedos digest food by fermenting (rotting) biomass & hence can leave very strong & unpleasant odours. On top of this, female fedos exhale fumes that can be irritating to even toxic to people.
Not to mention that fedos, due to their short-lives state can breed very fast after being born, usually within 24 hours, on which they also show their fist sign of gender.
To complicate matters, fedos are very resilient creatures, able to survive the vacuum of space for hours if need be, making it very hard to get rid of them if their breeding is not kept in check.
If you like to know more about fedos in general, Aurora News published about them earlier: The fedo, a strange animal

 A playful fedo with his ball

Keeping fedos as pets: guidelines

The first thing any fedo handler needs to know is that fedos are rather high maintenance to keep as  household pets. 
Keeping them as cleaner & disinfectant for your ships & starbases is a far easier task as long as you can control the population. But when one likes to keep them as pets, it gets alot more complicated, due to their odd nature.

First & foremost, only males are suitable as household pets, simply because they do not exhale poisonous fumes.
It also simplifies matter on population control, as males cannot get pregnant.
However, they still spread very strong & unpleasant odours when you do not control their diet. Thanks to the capsuleer fedo hype a few years back, a line of suitable fedo food has been developed, cutting back on their smell. just keep in mind that this specialized food line can be pricey compared to normal food, but it is worth the extra prize to subdue the otherwise horrendous smell fedos exhale as they digest their food.

Regarding environment, fedos are content with a wide array of climates & places, as they are a very resilient & sturdy creatures. 
Still, their favorite habitat are enclosed spaces, mimicking their original cave habitat on Palpis VI. This is likely the reason they thrive on ships as they mimic caves in a way for the fedo, as these creatures are blind & deaf, relying on other sensory organs to observe their surroundings& move around.

Aww look at it, offering his ball to play with you!

When keeping a single fedo, be aware that you have to spend time with them, as they tend to be social creatures & a lone fedo is a sad fedo. Don't let them be sad! They enjoy playing with balls, so that's an easy way to spend some quality time with them, making sure your fedo is a happy fedo!

You can also keep multiple fedos, making it much easier to keep them content as they can play among themselves. However adding some toys like playballs sure will enhance their life quality & make them happier.

Regarding females, they are best not held as household pets, due to two reasons: One; the aforementioned toxic gases they exhale, which can irritate your skin severely. And two, their rapid reproduction cycle, namely that they are capable of breeding after just 24 hours, complicated by the matter that the first 24 hours male & female fedos look identical.
Due to this, newly born fedos are best kept separated before they can breed, so one can identify their gender & split up the males & females.

Hence female fedos are best kept under the care of professional fedo handlers & not held as household pets.


For those who would like to have a fedo as pet, hopefully this guide will be able to help out. And if it discourages some as fedos are not that easy to keep as household pets, then that's fine too.
If you feel you are unable to take continued care of your fedo, the Aurora Arcology project can take them in for you, assuring your fedo has a good home with plenty of companions to play & interact with!

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