Sunday 15 September 2013

Molden Heath refugees

A few days ago, Eos Corporation performed a raid on pirate installations at Bosena IX. During this raid, they managed to rescue many civilians who were maltreated by the local Pirate Mercenaries.
More information about this raid and other operations of Eos corp can be found in this link :Eos Corporation Public Information

The Aurora Arcology has been contacted shortly after the raid if we could take care of these refugees. After assuring we had surplus food, water & clothing, and a place to stay, Eos Corporation agreed to transport the refugees to us, on condition they would do the transport to the Arcology. This would give them the opportunity to inspect the facility and verify our claims to be able to support & secure the refugees.

Due to Eos Corp running an operation in Molden Heath, it took some days for the transport to come through, but this also gave the Aurora Arcology time to prepare a welcoming committee with the CEO present as well. As the transport and escort arrived from Eos Corporation, they were accompanied by the Apotheosis frigate of the Arcology, as a sign of our willingness to cooperate.

Once docked, they inspected our facilities and questioned the CEO about the Refugee project as formality. After full and final clearance has been given, the Molden Heath refugees are now at the Welcome Hall, awaiting their registration and assignment to a place of their own. Food, water & new clothes are provided for. Once they have settled, and have recovered from the shock, they'll be given opportunities to join State society as a full citizen.

Aurora Arcology hereby thanks Eos Corporation for their trust in us.

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