Friday 20 September 2013

New Arrivals! Over 12.000 refugees joined!

And for a third week in a row, immigration records keep climbing up! This is surely a testament to the success of the Aurora Arcology spreading further. All those who spread the word about the Arcology Project are hereby thanked for their efforts. Thanks to you, more and more refugees get proper aid and assistance in starting their life anew in the society formed by the population of the Aurora Arcology.

Management of the Aurora Arcology Project have been actively investigating new ventures to employ the population, as conventional methods to assign jobs to new arrivals are dwindling at an increased rate. Rest assured that management will do anything legal in their power to assure employment for new arrivals. Several options are being looked into and look promising for the future.

We also received several special residents, some have been highlighted in previous public reports. If you rescue or retrieve refugees & residents and turn them over to us, we always appreciate details behind this as to smoothen their integration into the Arcology society.

Also, we had plenty of new recruits for our Nightclub establishment called L'Etoile Rouge! Visitors will surely enjoy the spectacular and seductive dances these new performers bring to the stage!

This week's new arrivals:

Regular Civilians:

-305 Homeless
-1.616 Janitors
-1 Prisoner (Datafile: Black Rise Prisoner)
-17 Prisoners (Part of the Prison lend-lease program)
-203 Refugees (Datafile: Molden Heath Refugees)
-12 Science Graduates
-30 Stranded Pilots
-6.070 Tourists
-120 Freed Slaves
*Addendum:Recovered Colonial Task Force*
-379 Civilians
-4 Construction Workers
-5 Miners


-69 Hounds

Law Enforcement Additions

-9 Freedom Fighters
-4.125 Marines
-410 Militants
-18 Slavers (Part of the Redemption Program)
-2 Spies

Employees for the nightclub: L'Etoile Rouge

-60 Female Exotic Dancers
-143 Male Exotic Dancers
-1 Prostitute

Council Members:
-3 Jark Makon
-4 Oura Madusaari

That are all the new immigrants of the Aurora Arcology project of this week! Remember, if you rescue or locate civilians who have been abandoned in conflictzones or local authorities, we at the Aurora Arcology project will gladly assist them to a new and better life!

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