Thursday 19 September 2013

The Black Rise Prisoner

One of the newest *residents* of the Arcology is a strange prisoner we received from a capsuleer who was roaming around in Black Rise. During his journey, he stumbled on a damaged transportship, Crane-class. As he investigated the wreck for salvageable materials, he noticed there was a survivor in a high security cryopod.

The datafile of the pod indicated he was a Caldari prisoner, but the rest of the file got corrupted so no further data available. The fact he was in cryostasis means he was either important and/or a dangerous individual.

After this discovery, the Arcology was contacted for two reasons. One would be to secure this prisoner at our penal facilities. Second is attempting to find out who the prisoner is. This might prove challenging, as Black Rise sees many prisonertransports due to the factionwar conflict between Caldari and Gallente. Following this, transports go regulary lost in the conflict.
Nonetheless, the Arcology has accepted these conditions and now houses the mysterious Black Rise Prisoner in cryostasis at our penal facilities.
So far our database searches turned up nothing about this strange prisoner, but the search goes on to retrieve this man's identity.

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