Sunday 22 September 2013

Recovered Colonial Task Force

This task force was a last minute addition to the Arcology. The group, consisting of highly specialized workers for start-up colonial labour was part of a now failed investment. They were orginally deployed in a quiet system deep in lowsec, with the intent of starting a new mining & production colony. Due to the outbreak of the Faction War in the region, the costs for supply and cargoruns rose exponentionally, making the young colony economically unsustainable. As the investors backed out, these people were left behind, cut off from supplies, save what shady traders and the occasional friendly FW pilot traded to them in exchange for their minerals & goods.

As the war raged on, the situation grew worse, and the raids started. First it was the Militia forces, raiding the small colony for resources, later the pirates as well. The colony dwindled to near non-existence and fewer traders passed by, causing their harsh life to become unbearable. At the end of this period, a pirate capsuleer organisation launched a raid on these colonials. As they plundered what was left of the colony, one of the pirate capsuleers noticed the terrible livingconditions and decided to let his conscious speak. He took them aboard his craft and contacted the Arcology to offer them a new life as their corp is not into the slavery business. He did not want anything in return, stating that these folks had endured enough and deserved a better life, away from all the fighting.
Despite his origin, the offer was accepted, as things could have been much darker for these colonists. There's many organisations out there who wouldn't hestitate to capture the local populace for forced labout at their facilities or worse....

Now this recovered colonial task force is assisting the Arcology in estabilishing a colonial training program, for future endeavours. Their expertise is a great help for us, and they are happy their hard-gained knowledge & experience does not go to waste. They've expressed their gratitude for this new chance they recieved and wish to send their heartfelt thanks to the capsuleer who gave them this opportunity.

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