Sunday 1 September 2013

New Arrivals: 9000 Refugees!

This week sees a large increase, over 9.000 new civilians joined the Arcology! The largest addition since months! The variety of these new arrivals is astounding. Quite some already have an idea what they'll do, or continue their old career, others will use the month grace period to get their lives straightened out and pick a new jobcareer. Several are also here as part of an existing program.
A big applause for all the capsuleers who contributed to this!
The composition of this week's arrivals:
Regular Civilians:
-100 Captives (Part of the Prison lend-lease program)
-128 Homeless
-742 Janitors
-66 Refugees
-23 Scientists
-2 Stranded Pilots
-4077 Tourists
-100 Freed Slaves
-20 Exotic Dancers
Law Enforcement additions
-60 Caldari Light Marines
-4107 Marines
-300 Militants
-10 Slavers (Part of the Redemption Program)
-36 Temko Mercenaries
New Councilmember
-Minmatar Emissionary
 Highlights on the two programs mentioned:

-Prison lend-lease program
In exchange for regular payment, the Aurora Arcology houses Caldari criminals in the Cellblock area as a means of income & jobcreation. These are criminals who do not require high security prisons.

-Redemption Program
Specially set up for former Slavers who want to redeem themselves. Their skill & knowledge in handling unruly groups is great for crowd control law enforcement. They accept to serve in the Arcology under State rules as Crowd Control Patrols and in exchange they won't be prosecuted for their crimes as long as they serve the State as stipulated in their contract.
This program is very controversial, and has sparked many a debate in the local news networks, but so far the benefits are great, as less Law officials are required to control unruly groups & gatherings.

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