Tuesday 3 December 2013

Overview of the Foundation Celebration, the Colony in the wormhole system Origin

The celebration happened at the colony grounds and was a great learning experience, as I usually only decant in cities or stations, not the wild nature regions beyond. The Music stage was an enriching cultural experience as the music was both powerful and calming, very fitting of it's overwhelming location. The crowd that had gathered there was a symbol of it's succes. The forest, with it's colossal trees and beautiful stream was a pleasure to walk through and enjoy it's presence.

The event also gave me the chance to meet many people in person that I speak to often through the various commchannels. Ston Momaki was a delight to chatter with, exchanging information how we handled the training & integration of Hounds, and treatment of Slavers. This has lead to me looking into changing or expanding some of our integration programs as Mr Momaki shared some good idea's.
Meeting Dust Merc, Denak Kalamari was wonderful as well. His knowledge about planetside life was impressive and made me feel more comfortable about being in an old imposing forest. This also reflected in the talks we had.

All in all, it was a great event, in which I met several interesting folks and had enriching talks about various subjects, from music to management and various subjects inbetween. May the colony Foundation face a beautiful and grand future beyond the frontiers of known space!

Some info on the attendants:
-Ston Momaki is head of the Disciples of Ston, an organisation dedicated to saving people abandoned in space
-Denak Kalamari is a Dust Merc working for the Intaki Liberation Front but also runs an Infofeed called *Thoughts of a Clone Soldier* which is very popular among Dust Mercenaries. Alot of the infofeeds would also give Capsuleers a good thought!
-Saede Riordan, CEO of Alexyla Paradox guides the corporation newsfeed

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