Thursday 26 December 2013

Celebrations as 118.000 immigrants join the expanded Arcology project!

Under the thundering rythm of drums, tens of thousands of Minmatar disembark to join the Aurora Arcology!
A welcoming celebration was held to herald these new arrivals, but also to celebrate that the Aurora Arcology now houses over half a million people!With special thanks to capsuleer  Caroline Grace who took care of transporting these refugees to give them a new chance in life.

As some might remember, recent negotiations with Caldari Provisions made a temporary end to our impending overcrowding. These new arrivals will be housed in one of the three new districts that have been opened.

To go back on the arrivals, Caroline Grace did not only transport these refugees, but also enough supplies to create one big holiday party! Thousands of bottles of Spiced wine, millions of Quafe cans,  tens of thousands of livestock! Enough to support everyone at the Arcology to celebrate the holidays!
Thanks to Caroline Grace, these refugees will have a holiday season they'll never forget. Combined with the inauguration of the 3 new districts, it'll be a holiday celebration to remember aboard the Aurora Arcology.

Over the course of this year, many other capsuleers have supported us as well. Dozens of capsuleers have helped to embetter the lives of refugees anywhere by giving them a new chance at the Aurora Arcology project. The overwhelming support I received at times is a testimony that many capsuleers do care about the well-being of others. From rescuing hapless civilians, to providing highly skilled personnel for the Arcology, all contributions have their worth.

On behalf of all citizens of the Aurora Arcology, I want to thank all those who supported me over all these years. I couldn't have done it without you!

Now onward to this week's immigration report. A large variety of civilians has joined us this week, in large numbers! The main group heralds from Minmatar space, but we've got folks from a variety of other backgrounds joining us as well!

Regular Civilians:

-483 Homeless
-45.137 Tourists
-42.714 Janitors
-45 Prisoners (Part of the Prison Lend-Lease Program)
-200 Refugees
-11 Science Graduates
-15 Scientists
-3.003 Freed Slaves


-5 Fedos (Datafile:A strange animal)
-34.046 Hounds

Law Enforcement Units

-55 Caldari Light Marines
-2.280 Freedom Fighters
-1 Kameira
-25.507 Marines
-390 Militants
-3 Slavers (Part of the Redemption Program)

Employees for the Nightclub L'Etoile Rouge

-439 Female Exotic Dancers
-133 Male exotic Dancers
-2 Male Little Helpers


-1 Gallente Reporter
-2 VIPs

With these immigrants, we now exceeded our old capacity limits, but thanks to Caldari Provisions, we now rent 3 additional station sections. The current immigrants will use one of these new sections. Due to the diversity in professions we don't foresee any large troubles.

Over 500.000 civilians now, all being helped & guided by the Aurora Arcology project. It's hard to imagine that barely a year ago, we just had over a 100.000 people accumulated over years of assistance. But it's this coregroup of veterans that now assist in guiding the good workings of the Arcology project, helping the new immigrants finding their place in Aurora.

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