Friday 21 February 2014

Caldari Navy arrests Wing Commander Okuuda!

As some of you already heard, the Caldari Navy announced they will court martial the 'Octopus' Squadron.
It has been confirmed that Wing Commander Sami Okuuda and all 8 officers of the 37th 'Octopus' squadron have been placed under arrest. The Navy also stated additional arrests and replacements will occur in the days to come.

The arrests are a direct result of their failing command of the Caldari Providence Directorate, but also the failures during operation Spectre and Highlander.
We'll go into more detail here, to fully understand their arrest and the possible charges they might face.

Caldari Providence Directorate (CPD)

This organisation was founded shortly after Tibus Heth became CEO of Caldari Constructions. As Heths power grew, so did the power and influence of the CPD. At the height of it's power, it controlled the State industrial base, directing the production of the supportive Megacorporations and assisting the Caldari Navy in expanding their fleet against Gallente aggressions.

When Heth was ousted from power, the CPD fell hard as the 8 Megacorps no longer recognized their authority, instead restoring power to the original ruling body, the Chief Executive Panel (CEP)

Operation Spectre

Operation Spectre is more known as the failed engagement of the 4 navies against pirate stations in nullsec a few months ago as detailed in this publication: 'Capsuleers respond en masse to the Call for arms, the Navies fail to assist!' that put our News agency in the spotlight.
Wing Commander Sami Okuuda led the Caldari capsuleer fleet during this failed operation. Do keep in mind that not only the State fleet leader failed that day, but all 4 nations Fleet Commanders did so. They called for capsuleer assistance, and they received it by the thousands, yet they managed to squander all this potential in a terribly led fleet to demolish two pirate research stations. Which failed on top of that, as the pirates managed to evacuate all important data & personnel before self-destructing these stations.

Operation Highlander

Operation Highlander is better known as The Battle for Caldari Prime. In this operation, the Caldari forced the conflict open by destroying a Concord ship. The immediate result was that Concord released all security protocols on the system, allowing the Gallente to jump in a large fleet to dispose of the Caldari titan & it's support. The support fleet was the 37th 'Octopus' squadron flying Chimera class carriers.
During the battle, all Caldari capital ships were lost, the largest and most expensive defeat of the State to this day.
To this day, the question remains why the Caldari never responded in kind by jumping in a fleet of their own to support their hold on Caldari Prime orbital space.
The reasons for the arrests concerning both operations seem to be incompetence. The State promotes people based on their merit. As a result of this policy, incompetence is harshly punished within the State. If you are unable to prove your worth for a position, you do not have the right to hold it.
This seems to be a fairly obvious reason for the arrest of Wing Commander Sami Okuuda and his fellow officers & personnel of the 37th Squadron.
Hopefully the arrests will be able to give some new & additional answers concerning these two operations.

The CPD mention in the news article makes for a less clear reason for the arrest. It can be that the State is disposing of the few Heth loyalists left in a position of power. It can also be that the Caldari Navy is penalizing CPD members for past actions when they could boss around the CN, using them for improper actions and operations.

Do keep in mind this is mere speculation. Hopefully more news will come forth of this court martial, clearing up the reasons for this mass arrest.

Update on the trial closure: Wing Commander Okuuda discharged dishonorably by the Caldari Navy

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