Friday 14 February 2014

Workings of the Aurora Arcology: The Redemption Program


The redemption program is a project that aims to grant unlawful citizens a new chance in life. Despite this being a very controversial idea, it's nonetheless part of what the Aurora Project stands for. It is important to note however that only those criminals who wish to redeem themselves can participate in this program.
Criminals sentenced for their wrongdoings cannot use this program to escape their sentences. These individuals usually become part of the Prison Lend-Lease Program.

This project is divided into smaller redemption projects, each aiming to guide a specific group to use their criminally gained skills in a more suitable way.

The Slaver Redemption

One of the most successful, and surely the largest of the redemption projects is the Slaver division. It is important to note that there are two groups of slavers!

Amarr Slavers:
These are legal slavers, working in the Amarr Empire. Despite their name, their jobs rarely involve enslaving people, but are more focussed on guarding slaves at various Holder Estates and maintaining order among them. That said, it is know that some of them undertake illegal slave raids on remote settlements.
The few Amarr slavers that arrive at the Arcology generally request a transfer to the Amarr Empire, wich we grant. The reason for this is that we are not above State nor Imperial law, and these citizens will be trialled in their own nation, should they have broken the law.

Non-Amarr Slavers:
These are the slavers that more closely resemble the stereotype of the evil enslaver. Either as part of pirate groups or freelancers, they raid & enslave people for profit on the slave markets. The ones that arrive at the Arcology are given a choice to participate in the redemption program. Refusal or failing to comply to the terms stipulated in the Redemption contract will see them turned over to State Law for punishment of their crimes.

Slavers that join the Redemption program are under strict surveillance and undergo training as riot control forces. The reason for this is the expertise they gained in controlling unruly rebellious groups. Their ability to quickly identify leaders and subdue them before things grow out of control is crucial in maintaining order during protests and put down riots with minimal casualties.
One of the main points of the training programs is to reduce their brutality towards other people during holographic unrest control exercises. This is attained by the usage of non-lethal weapons & methods.
Once they successfully rounded their training, they are enlisted in the Aurora Arcology law enforcement as Riot Interdiction Teams.
The Blood Raider Redemption
This is undoubtedly the most controversial program we got running. Blood Raiders have a vicious, brutal and horrific reputation. Despite all this, it happens that some of their scientists can no longer live with their actions and apply for our redemption program.
Due to their extensive knowledge in the medical field and unique knowledge gained through their work in Blood Raider facilities, they are a great asset for any R&D facility focused on biological systems.
Their contract with the Aurora Arcology stipulates that they assist our medical teams in researching new medicines & improve existing treatments. Withholding information, or attempting to insert malicious products will terminate their employment immediately & will have them turned over to  State Law.
Thanks to their contributions, the Aurora Arcology can boast being at the forefront of medical research in the branch of blood-related afflictions.
The Angel Redemption
This is our most recent redemption project. A group of Angel Cartel VIPs asked for shelter within the Aurora Arcology. In exchange they offered their skills in managing a tight hierarchy & authority system. Coupled with their ability to impress criminals, they can provide a boost in our redemption programs related to other criminal groups.
As with all other redemption projects, the contract does mention that they will be turned over to State Law should these Angel VIPs conduct any criminal activity while under Aurora employment.
The Pirate Pilot Redemption
It often happens that young & rash pilots join the pirate life for adventure, wealth & excitement. But after a few close encounters with death, and living at the edge of society, they realize pirate life isn't all that shiny.
Through our redemption program we offer these pilots a way back home. In exchange for atoning for their crimes through community work aboard the Arcology, they receive the ability to return home to visit family & old friends. Most pirate pilots that use this opportunity are from Serpentis & Gurista origin.
This is a project set up together with the Caldari Navy under strict regulations. It is only applicable for pilots who have not gathered an extensive criminal record. If any pilot fails to comply to the redemption contract, he will be turned over to the authorities.
It's important to note that all participants of the various redemption programs are under close surveillance of our security forces. Any breach of contract regulations will be dealt with accordingly. In repeat cases or severe incidents, the redemption contract will be terminated and the violator will be turned over to State Law to be sentenced for his crimes.

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